Yay Christmas! But I am relieved it’s over. When I went to bed yesterday, I realized I’d been up for twenty-four hours. Today I am tired, but not as much as yesterday.

Everybody liked my presents ^__^ They liked my wrapping paper, too. This makes me happy; I found really good presents for them, and then made wrapping paper. I took pictures of the presents, and shall post those wis my usual promptness.

I still have stuff to send out, but those people are aware of the delay and forgive me. Also Letlet’s picture is not done, and she must forgive me too. Everyone must know how punctual I am by now. What was it that Mary Crawford said about vice and being forgiven? I’m too tired to remember, but I think it applies.

I must sally to buy Twilight Princess today; I’ll let you guess why. What dread effect this will have on the Top Secret Project I do not like to think.