LA LA. I am home from work now. I am the hungriest and the tiredest at the same time. Whilst I am at my parents’ house I never take food to work because I don’t want to take all their food and I don’t feel like stashing my own food in their kitchen. And yesterday I had another the worst sleep ever. If I thought I slept badly in the dark quiet of my beautiful little apartment… well, I shall be grateful in the future. But I have triumphantly finished Top Secret Project, and am therefore awesome. I mean, in a good mood.

Recent work stuff. So I was trying to help some lady find the CVV2 number on her credit card. I told her (a couple of times, actually), “It’s on the back inside the signature box after the last four digits of the card number.” And she was like, “I haven’t even opened my signature box.” I didn’t know whether to laugh or… what. Then I was telling someone the specifications of the numeric security code, and she replied, “Six digits? Oh. Can there be any zeroes involved?” That one I did laugh.

OK, I think it’s time for Twilight Princess.