Constructive Nostalgia

— with that piece of junk? — I found it at my folks’ house while I was there; trashy-looking, ain’t it? — Why are you recording? — I used to spend hours recording stupid shit on this thing! — I have no doubt you did — It was awesome! I’d pretend to be a DJ introducing a song, and then record some random thing off the radio… or I’d make up my own song and sing it as loud as I could and bang on random stuff for drums. Or I’d fill a whole side of the tape seeing how loud I could belch, and then laugh my ass off at it and… hey, quit rolling your eyes, bastard! I was a little kid! — You’re very entertained by something you admit to be childish — Well, normal people enjoy laughing at shit they did when they were kids. You can’t tell me you didn’t do any stupid stuff when you were little — I certainly never belched on tape — But you did something. Don’t even try to tell me you sat around reading cop handbooks when you were ten — I read Tom Clancy — You did not — I did — Not when you were little! — I read The Hunt for Red October when it first came out — OK, fine. But that wasn’t all you did when you were a kid. Come on, what kinds of games did you play? — Why is this important? — Because you made fun of mine — We played Capture the Flag — ‘We?’ — The other kids in the neighborhood and I. We played it obsessively. Almost every day after school, and all weekend, until I got into paintball as a teenager — Hah! I’m not surprised. I bet you guys snuck out at night so you could play in the dark — Yes — And wore camo and face-paint! — Yes — Heh heh — You never did explain why you’re recording — Oh, yeah. I just wanna make sure it still works. I figure if I liked it as a kid, your kids might like it too — Oh, yes, please pass your immaturity on to my children — If you were really worried about that, you wouldn’t live with me — Hmph — Hey, at least I ain’t teaching ’em to defy authority. I never snuck out at night — Idiot, do you expect me to believe that? When do you ever respect authority? — Depends on what it’s telling me to do — Come over here — Yes, sir! — Turn that thing off first, moron. I don’t want our —

This story, which I’ve rated , was for 30_kisses theme #14 “Radio-cassette player.” Unusual formatting, but I think it’s pretty cute. I envision it as taking place in the same continuity as Fourteen Strange Looks.

This story is included in the Saitou & Sano Collection ebook (.zip file contains .pdf, .mobi, and .epub formats).


  1. lovingyouin1963

    LOL. That was cute.

    It’s funny that you posted this because my Ma just found and old tape that had me and my cousin on it, and we were singing about something really stupid — eating, I think it was — I was 6…

    I know, I’m a dork.

    • momentsdrift

      As far as I can tell, any little kid that could get hir hands on a tape recorder did that. Boys did way different stuff than girls, though. It really does make me laugh remembering what I used to record. Mostly I’d just talk and talk and talk… but I also sang about stupid stuff like eating XD Anyway, I thought it was a decent solution for the puzzle “What the hell am I going to do for the theme ‘radio-cassette player?!?!'”

  2. argentazure

    This is very sweet. Nicely done, too, with good dialogue and good choices for the characters’ interests.

    • momentsdrift

      Thanks! I think I spend far too much time considering what certain characters would enjoy doing in a modern American setting.

  3. plaidshirtjimkirk

    Cute!! I can totally see modern au!Saito playing capture the flag and paintball when he was growing up. ehehehe Thanks!!

    • kuroiyousei

      One of the things a lot of us rarely touch, I’ve noticed, is young Saitou in any depth. For me I think that’s because I’m so attached to adult Saitou, to what he became after those formative years, that I kinda don’t want to step away from it too far. But every once in a while you do imagine, you know? What was he like as a kid? What kinds of activities did he take part in? Because, as Sano even said, there’s no way he sat around reading cop handbooks for twenty years. Of course in an AU you get to make up whatever you want… but I thought Capture the Flag and paintball were eminently suited to his character XD

      That got long. Thank you for reading!


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