Today I was not very productive at work. Then after work I have been… still not very productive. Notwithstanding I posted a vignette yesterday, methinks this is going to be an unproductive week. I haven’t even put away all the stuff I dumped everywhere when I came back from my parents’ house last Saturday. But whatever.

I did mend my coat, though. The pockets had mad pulled seams and two of the buttons were missing. One is still missing since there was only one extra, but whatever. The pockets are so lovely now like *__* Coat is necessary on days like this, for, while it was actually pretty warm, the wind was excessively strong… and there’s nothing that makes you feel like the coolest person in the entire world like wearing a trench coat in heavy wind. Of course, heavy wind generally means snow, which will make me feel like the coldest person in the world on the way to and from work, but whatever. I will enjoy my fwoosh whilst I can.

Now I think I will go through every item and see what wants to be worked upon. Half the time when I’m not productive at work it’s because I’ve forgotten where I am in half the stories I’m working on and therefore don’t know what to write next.


Edit: I think this post may have set a record for but whatever‘s.