My uncle is irritating, but I emailed him at some point for something (asking about a computer program he’d had once or something), and happened to mention Firefly. He’d just bought the series himself, and proceeded to tell me what he thought of it:

Good show, definitely sad that it was not continued. But, I can understand why it was cancelled. The writer definitely tried too hard to push the moral boundaries of the characters.

Inara immediately comes to mind. She was easily the worst character in the show, simply because they tried too hard to make her “profession” a legitimate and respectable one. Then they double slapped her character’s character when she cries over the captain sleeping with the slut lady. ????? Yeah, go figure. Her character could have been great, as she was a good actress and extremely beautiful, which was the only thing that saved her.

The mechanic, Kaylee, was a way cool character, who I really liked, until the episode where the captain is having the flashbacks and it shows how she got on the ship. Then they add the line, “I’ll have to ask my parents”? She’s having sex on a ship with the mechanic, but has to go ask mommy if she can go on a space ride? Ouch! Major blow to her character and I really had to put that episode out of my mind to still like her character.

The rest of the characters were pretty cool, and I loved Jayne. He was hilarious! But, like I said, I can understand why the show didn’t get continued. It tried to push too many moral boundaries at once, and the bottom line is that the majority of this country, whether people choose to believe it or not, is still moral and has standards. If they would have toned the show down just a tad, I believe it wouldn’t have been canceled.

The movie, Serenity, was what the television show should have been like. It was 10X better than the series (which I really liked the series, so you can see I REALLY liked the movie). I loved how it tied everything together and gave you some closure on the series.

I figured I’d share this, since I know a large portion of my flist is into that lovely universe; is anybody else as annoyed (on various levels) by this ‘critique’ as I am? I try to avoid asking my uncle’s opinion on anything, and this is pretty much why.

In case anyone is curious, yes, this is the same uncle whose comment on Mononoke-Hime was, “I liked it until it turned into Ferngully,” and whose comment on Cowboy Bebop: Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door was, “I liked the Ferngully one better.”