It’s… snowing again. OMG SURPRISE!!!! Very gently, though. Hopefully my parents will not insist on driving me to work all this week again.

I’m cleaning/organizing my computer table finally. AND EVERY LAST INCH OF IT’S COVERED WITH HAIR. I will give you three guesses why, and the first two (and any that don’t sound like you might be referring to Saitou’s wife) don’t count.

In doing so, I have found some stuff. Movie tickets: Star Wars something… Sin CityStar Wars something again… Batman BeginsHappy Feet IMAXThe FountainPirates 2Eragon… The recent ones make sense, I suppose, since I tend to put everything in the world on the table every time I get home. But Batman Begins? Whatever.

Information about Kevin and Rahul: Kevin liked his alcohol. In the right situations, of course; he was a responsible drinker. But he did become a good deal less inhibited when drunk. Kevin’s married sister’s name is Sada. Rahul wore glasses.

Notes from work: I was talking to this one customer who was having a problem wis her phone. I asked her, “Do you have the original sales receipt from the retailer?” To which she replied, somewhat heatedly, “I’m not bisexual. I don’t kiss girls.” I was like, “Uh…” and had no idea what to say. Finally I realized she was talking to someone else at the same time as me. Then I overheard one of my stupid coworkers, as he was trying to figure out which phone the customer he was talking to had, ask, “Does it have a typewriter?” We have one phone that flips open for a full keyboard; calling it a typewriter is…

Very predictably, I had a dream last night that I was an assassin. My partner assassin and I had stopped at a convenience store/gas station on the way somewhere (Carlsbad?), and she killed this guy in the store… I don’t know why, but I think it was some petty reason. Then we were trying to fill up our drinks and pay and leave casually but as quickly as possible before the body was noticed. It was amusing.

EDIT: And now it’s changed its mind and is snowing pretty hard.