It’s Friday and that is yay. We’ve been super slow all week, and suddenly today we are back-to-back calls. This is bad timing on me, because my right arm hurts too much, from fingertips to shoulder, to entertain myself wis drawing. Therefore time is creeping along like a slow item that creeps along slowly. Thanks a lot, guys (talking to Schu and Farf).

My new pants came yesterday and they are win. I am le excited about them, and also about another item I got yesterday. I shall take pictures of both sometime this year.

This week has been yet another inexplicable Mystic Week Of Hunger. No matter what I eat or how much, I am still starving every moment. This happens every once in a while… I’m generally pretty hungry, but sometimes it springs up psychotically at random about twelve times worse.

I still have a stupid hour and fifteen minutes. Mou. Methinks I shall create a rant.