I’m writing a semi-crack lemon. Yeth. I am writing a sex scene. This is the entire reason I’m posting in my journal right now: writing a sex scene, for me, is like having teeth pulled, and I do anything to distract myself.

So, yeah, Link/Midna. I want. Honestly, I’d kinda like Midna/Zelda too, though that’s less logical. I’m even thinking of writing Link/Midna ficcage. At the very least I shall do a fanart. That was a great game wis a good ending, and I am pleased. I didn’t get all the poes because I looked it up and found that all you get is endless money. Like I’m not always maxed on rupees anyway. I didn’t get all the P’soH either, because I got tired of searching for them. I only had, like, eleven or twelve left to find, but it got old. It usually does. Zelda kicked minor ass at the end… not nearly as much as Midna. Ah, Midna.

I have cute freckles on my shoulders and arms. They are distracting.

I bought/read the first volume of Jazz yesterday, and it sucked so bad. Now I don’t know what to do wis it. It’s against my principles to throw a book away, but stories about relationships that start wis date rape and end wis love are also against my principles. No matter how nice the art is. So we’ll see.

Speak speak speak. And say sti all the day. Sti sti sti.

OK, enough stupid lj entry.