Hah, another lj entry. Take that, update sloth!

It was vera windy on the way to work today. It made me drop my art pad three times, and also made it incredibly cold.

I work at midnight all this week, which means that it’s bedtime after this entry. I slept terribly yesterday, but fortunately had a Dr.Pepper to chug this morning.

*bows graciously*

The first half of my shift was extremely slow; it was beautiful. I finished teh Crimson Coronation chapter and now move on to Angles. Then stupid stupid stupid vending machine did not have Reese’s Fast Break. THEY HAD THEM LAST WEEK. It hates me. I was so looking forward to it.

I’ve gotten two doujinshi lately, but I shall wait until the third and last arrives to create summaries.

I have a mysterious bruise on my hand. I don’t know where it came from. IT IS FROM MY SECRET BONDAGE.

Ramses is jealous of, like, everything that moves.

OK, no mas.