“Make Me!”

It was one of those days when the sun was too hot and the breeze was too cold and the alternation was too annoying. In the still air, Sano’s gi was heavy and sweat-inducing; when the wind picked up, he pulled it tight around him and scowled. He’d taken the thing off and put it back on about twenty times so far.

He was bored as hell, and consequently ambling slow circles outside the police station. He’d been doing it for almost an hour in the hopes that at least one of three things would happen: he would get arrested for loitering and get to make a huge scene; Chou would appear, and they could fight about something or nothing; Saitou would decide not to be a workaholic for one day in his life, leave early, and fuck Sano’s brains out for the rest of the day and the whole night. These could happen in pretty much any order, except that the Saitou one always had to be last.

None of them had happened yet; he kinda wondered what was taking so long.

He glanced up at the window to Saitou’s office. The sun’s glare on the glass made it impossible to see anything within, and he wondered if the old mantis knew he was out here. It was unlikely he didn’t; half the precinct knew Sano was out here. Trying to imagine what they guessed he was doing made him chortle.

He took off his gi again.

They thought he was a less official version of Chou: some weirdo Saitou ordered around that wasn’t exactly a cop but wasn’t exactly not. And that was pretty much true, only Saitou didn’t sleep with Chou.

Where was Chou, anyway? Sano wondered as he put his gi back on and began restlessly digging a hole in the ground with his foot.

A junior officer emerging from the station’s main doors and heading purposefully toward him was a heartening sight. Sano straightened and waited with a hopeful grin to see if the guy would try to tell him off. No such luck, but the flunky did have a little folded packet to deliver. Evidently assuming the latter contained orders that didn’t need to be discussed, the blue-clad peon didn’t speak as he handed it over, only nodded to Sano and disappeared again into the station.

Sano put his gi back on — he didn’t even remember removing it this time — and unfolded the note. Why don’t you go home and wait for me instead of giving my coworkers a strip show? it said in imperative language. A single small piece of candy in shiny blue paper had been folded within. Sano wasted no time getting this into his mouth. Just the candy, not the paper.

So he thinks he can bribe me, huh? Well, on a day when he wasn’t so intolerably bored, it might have worked. Today there was no way in hell Sano would be willing to ‘go home and wait’ like the good little wife he wasn’t. And the fact that he’d already pushed Saitou far enough for the cop to offer a bribe at all was very encouraging.

He stood back and waved vigorously at the glowing window above — not that he really thought he didn’t already have his lover’s attention, but he wanted to make sure. Then he blew a kiss extravagantly upward and called out two defiant words before, backing away a few paces, he slid his gi slowly off his shoulders and began a semi-erotic dance against the gate-post.

This story, which I’ve rated , was for 30_kisses theme #23 “Candy.”

Bored Sano is great, and devious bored Sano is even better. I can just imagine Saitou inside getting all annoyed and turned on and trying not to look.

This story is included in the Saitou & Sano Collection ebook (.zip file contains .pdf, .mobi, and .epub formats).


  1. farstrider

    Oh Sano!!! you are sooooooo going to get it. . . ^__^ snerk!


  2. ladyames

    ohhhh… Sano’s asking for trouble–the good and bad kind. XD

  3. fairymage


  4. torayashachan

    BAHAHAHAHAHA xD Sanosuke you’re terrible. But your antics make for some pretty entertaining shit xD

    I love this line here:

    “Today there was no way in hell Sano was going to ‘go home and wait’ like the good little wife he wasn’t.”

  5. donhisiewen

    I loved that Saitou was that disturbed that he gave Sano candy. But then, he would know that his bribe would make Sano do the opposite, right?

    • momentsdrift

      He probably forlornly hoped it would have the correct effect, but whether or not he actually believed it would is another story XD

  6. plaidshirtjimkirk

    This is pure fucking gold!! I love how Sano’s just killing time and how Saito legit says Sano is giving his coworkers a strip show, then tried to stop him with candy. So cute. lol I laughed when Saito was referred to as “old mantis” too. Hilarious. And that ending? Perfect! They’re so good together and I totally adored this! Thank you!! ^_^

    • kuroiyousei

      You better believe I thought of this story whilst walking home on a windy, sunny day when I was alternately overwarm and too chilly. Everything in life tends to boil down to, “How do Saitou and Sano fit into this situation?” for me XD

      Anyway, I’m very glad you liked it. Thanks for your nice comments!


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