All the stuff I’ve jotted down at work to record in my lj and then neglected…

One customer, when I told him to turn on his phone, said in a semi-protesting tone, “I tried to turn it on earlier, but it was off.”

I talked to someone named Wadsworth Kamaka, and somebody else named Vondell Wampler.

Somebody called the hourglass “the cursor,” somebody else a “waiting sign,” another a “sand dune,” somebody a “sand clock,” a guy with a British accent “a kind of a… sand thing for the minutes,” and someone “like, a stand thing.”

I can’t remember whether I already reported talking to somebody whose name was Robert Jordan. I wanted to make fun of him. His backup security question was “What is your favorite team?” and the answer he’d given was “The Wizards.”

I was trying desperately to help some incredibly stupid woman program her phone, and at one point I had told her maybe twelve times which button she needed to press next… one of these times she responded in a tone of enlightenment, “Oh, press it! I thought you pushed it!” I was like O_o;;;