We were extremely slow today, but, as Mr. Murphy dictated, I had a terrible headache and barely covered a single piece of paper. I spent a lot of time wis my eyes closed. Mou.

I still have that headache, but at least now I am home. Not that I’ve done much productive since I got home. I’ve stared at yesterday’s scribbles a lot… because they are made of love… and eventually here I’ll type out what little I wrote at work. And I should probably work on MRCAeX at some point.

Oh, my other bitching about work. I left my coat at the dry cleaner on Friday at 10. When is it going to be done? Today after 1630. WTF? This means I had to walk today, and I’ll have to walk tomorrow, wisout it. There’s no snow about or anything (knock on wood), but… WTF?

What else was I going to say? I was probably going to say, “I had more to say, but I’ve forgotten it.” But for once I think I shall eschew that cant.