Today I won $1,925,000.00. Yesterday I won $1,900,00.00. How awesome it is to consistently win. Too bad I’m not going to send them the nominal processing fee of $27.99 or the Check Amount Confirmation Data fee of $29.99, so I do not get those monies. Check out this verbiage, though:

This communication is being made directly to you at your known address of record. We are pleased to announce and confirm that you may receive the MFS Entry Notification Directives for an amount in excess of $1,925,000.00 Dollars. Please treat this urgent time-sensitive notification with the utmost priority. Your response is required to initiate full delivery of the Confirmed & Guaranteed Entitlement Disclosure Report in excess of $1,925,000.00 Dollars from Mueller, Franks, & Smith directly to you. IMPORTANT: This announcement is real and accurate in every way. Do not delay!

My coat is all clean now, and happily restored to my closet. Yay it.

Today I still had my headache, but it was less than yesterday, and I made mad progress on item. I shall type things up now.