Today when I got online to check my email and stuff, for some reason all of a sudden I got, like, six MyStupid friends request thingies. Here is my favorite:

By accepting Jesus as your friend, you will be able to send Jesus personal messages, view Jesus’s photos and blog, and interact with each other’s friends and network! Click the following link to view Jesus’s profile and accept or reject this user as your friend.

Da ha ha ha.

Anyway, then we were reeeeaaaallllyyyyy slow at work… to the point where they were offering two-hour lunches. It would have been the perfect time to get a lot written, but I was restless because of stuff I had waiting at home to be finished (peecture, editing), and nothing wanted to be written. So I drew Akabane and Byakuya and waited, and finally they let me go home early ^_________________^

So now it is time to work on peecture!! And editing of chaypters. And then I shall have a splendid update!! Yay everything!!!!!!!!!!!!