I practically ran to work and was still eight minutes late. Ah, well. It was slow again for a while, so I worked on YWRI and then drew Saitou. Then I got off early, which was delightful as I am feeling rather ill. It’s been creeping up on me all week, and today it blossomed. Do buds creep? I guess they do. I think I caught Gregory’s sick. Anyway, see my new watch:

I left the cat scratches in the picture because I like them. At the same time as buying that (yesterday), I bought BNL’s new CD. I was wis my mom and she listened to some of it and really liked their sound… but said she would never have any of their music because of the band name. She got me a new dress and it is twelve million cute. It is kinda like the one she got me for Christmas. I shall take peectures when I get around to wearing it.

I finished my MRCAeX item, and next I shall type up the YWRI I have written. The chapter’s actually almost done. I am eating soup from a jar because I didn’t feel like washing dishes.

I forgot to tell about my eyebrows. I have bleached them by accident. Wis facewash stuffs. They’ve always been really really dark brown, to the point where they looked black. Now they are less dark, wis even some lighter streaks that look almost blonde. This is not a problem or anything, but I was so startled when I first noticed.

P.S. For the backup security question on people’s accounts at work, one option is, “Who is the best concert band?” and I recently saw someone’s answer listed “Nicole Back.” Also I talked to someone named Ronterriuse Stendifer.