Since I forgot nearly everything I wanted to say in my voice post, here I am working on another post.

Tokio thinks Sanovamp needs to say, “=]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]][”

My sister P just told me she’s pregnant. I don’t think I’ve mentioned her status for quite some time. She’s still technically not divorced from Stupid, because it got tossed out twice… but now she’s got an actual lawyer working on it. And as soon as it’s done she’s going to marry this guy Kyle who is reasonable and nice and that we actually like. It’s all quite excellent, relatively speaking. And now apparently she’s pregnant. Good jobon her. Baby!!!! OMG. I will be an aunt and that is exciting.

Gregoreee bought me McDonald’s today. He is convalescent, and we hope he doesn’t catch it back from me. He’s started reading Saiyuki, which makes me squee. I really need to do Saiyuki fanart, don’t I??

I got off two hours early today because of not being busy. This was an incredibly good thing considering I feel like shit. And not the shit, though, even sick, I still am.

Now Tokio is sitting on my tablet. This makes mousing difficult. She only does that when she’s being an attention-whore. She’s attacking my hands at random.

And there’s the bite. I haven’t written vampires for years; this is fun.

I was in that crappy sort of mood where I was lonely and depressed for no good reason just from being sick, but lots of emails have been helping ^__^

She is still on the tablet. If I pet her, she bites and licks my hand. If I skish her paw, she just licks. If I nose her ears, she goes -__- This is the price she pays for stretching out on my important tablet.

Have I mentioned that she sings? If I start singing along wis the musics that are playing, she sings wis me. Or, possibly, tells me to shut up. One or the other. It’s adorable either way.