My sick has taken me to a terrible place. Today is my second day in a row home from work. I managed work on Monday, but since then I haven’t been able to sleep much because my coughing keeps me up. Sick I can work and tired I can work, but sick + tired = more than I can handle. Still (knock on wood), my throat doesn’t seem as sore today as it did yesterday, and my brain is much more coherent.

Apologies to all for whom I was supposed to do things over the last couple of days. I shall get to them. Now let’s do a survey.

1: name?: Item
2: are you single?: Yeth
3: favorite colors?: Black is not a color
5: least favorite color?: ALL COLORS WIN
6: what are you listening to?: Falcon at the Portal
7: are you happy with your life right now?: Yeth, except for being sick
8: anyone ever said you resemble a celebrity?: Not that I recall
9: what is your favorite class in school?: Back when I used to do that stuff, I liked any psychology class best
10: do you shop at Hollister/Abercrombie/AE?: Sometimes Fiddychan takes me into one of those stores, and sometimes then I find stuff I like.
11: how do you make money?: By not snarking at stupid people
12: where do you go to school?: IN MY MIND
13: are you outgoing?: Nooooooooooo
14: one word to describe you?: Sti
15: favorite pair of shoes?: I need to replace my boots; they are desperately worn
16: do you own big sunglasses?: No; my glasses transition
17: where do you wish you were right now?: Well, while I can’t honestly say I wish I were at work, I know I should be. We’ll say that I wish I were in the land of not-sick.
18: what should you be doing right now?: Working
19: do you have a crush on anyone right now?: Maybe
20: current mood?: Sick

Can you blow a bubble?: Yeth
Can you snap your gum?: I might if I knew how and felt like it; I rarely chew gum, though
Can you dance?: Like a fool
Can you do a cart wheel?: No
Can you touch your toes?: No; they are my kryptonite. Seriously, what kind of retarded question is that?
Can you whistle?: Yeth
Can you wiggle your ears?: Sortof
Can you wiggle your nose?: Yeth
Can you roll your tongue? Yeth
Can you cook?: Mmmmmchiccen

Did you ever get into a fist fight at school?: No
Did you ever run away from home?: Not really
Did you ever want to be a doctor?: No
Did you ever want to be a fire fighter?: No

Do you have a best friend?: Yeth
Would you do anything for that friend?: “Anything” is a very broad term. Would I murder for her? Would I rape someone for her? Would she, uh, still be my best friend if I needed to do those things for her? I think I’ll move on.
Do you believe in God?: Yes, though not in the traditional sense
Do you own a bike?: No, but I wish I did
Do you think you could be on those reality shows?: How I despise reality TV. I’m sure I technically could be on “those reality shows,” but that goes for most people. This is a dumb survey.

Does hair loss run through your family?: Yeth
Does your car get good gas mileage?: Hell, I can’t even remember the last time I had to put gas in it.
Does your family have family picnics?: Heh… no.

Have you ever been kissed?: Yeth
Have you ever gone fishing?: Yeth

How did you find out about Myspace?: Ah, that explains why this survey is so retarded.
How many of your friends on it have you seen?: Most, actually.
How much money do you have on you right now?: $0,000,000,000.00

Last thing you said out loud?: I was probably inadvertently mocking this survey. Or it might have been something to my cat.
Last thing someone said to you?: I talked to my mom on the phone yesterday, so it was probably a goodbye of some sort.

What is the temperature outside?: Y! claims it’s 52°
What was the last restaurant you ate at?: Hmm. Gregoreee brought me McDonald’s the other day; does that count?
What was the last thing you bought?: Soba
What was the last thing you had to drink?: Hot chocolate, which feels vera good on my throat
What was the last thing on TV you watched?: Yeesh, that’s too far back to remember.

Who was the last person you IM’d?: ladyames
Who talked to you on the phone last?: My mom
Who was the last person you took a picture of?: Probably myself
Who was the last person to leave you a comment?: That one guy who still likes PohP
Who was the last person you kissed?: That was quite some time ago

Are you a happy person?: Yeth so much
Is being happy overrated?: By whom?
Can music make you happy?: Yeth

Have you ever loved someone so much that you’d die for them?: *rolleyes*
Has anyone besides your friends and family ever said ‘I love you’ to you?: Yeth

Are you shy around someone you like?: No; if I know someone well enough to “like” them, I’m past the shy stage
You like holding hands?: If there’s nothing better to do wis them
Do you like cuddling?: Yeth
Do you like spontaneous kisses that come out of nowhere?: Sure
Do you like being held from behind/around the waist?: Yeth

What is your current hair color?: Brown
Current piercings?: Twice in each ear
Have any tattoos?: Yeth!
Straight hair or curly?: Straight wis cowlicks of doom
Current Hair style?: Bedhead

What shirt are you wearing?: None
Necklaces?: None
Pants?: None
Shoes?: None

Hugged someone?: Noooooooooooooo, never
Been on the phone until the sun came up?: Uh…
Laughed so hard you cried?: Da ha ha ha

Person you talked to in person? Peoples who brought me candy yesterday because I’m sick
Person you talked to?: Gregoreee via SMS

Do you like surveys?: Sometimes
What soap do you use?: Shampoo
Do you have mental breakdowns?: No

Current mood?: Didn’t I already answer this? Sick
Current desktop picture?: *checks* Ooh, it’s a lovely photograph taken by me of the mountains from Ute Valley Park. I win.

What, that’s the end? 45 (“45” courtesy of cat) I shall draw.