Today at work I was horribly tired on account of having the worst sleep ever yesterday. However, it was a good day nonetheless. One notable item in particular:

As Gregoreee and I were walking out of work, we turned a corner in the hallway and what did we see?

Yeth. We were like * b l i n k *, and both whipped out our camera phones (which is why the picture is crap). It was so weird and unexpected.

Tomorrow I get to go to an aquarium wis my brother and mother, beeecause my brother is on Spring Breakie. Normally I am sick over Spring Break… this year I seem to have miscalculated, da ha ha ha. Mayhap there will be jellyfishies!!!!!!!!!! I yuff teh jellyfishies!!!!!!!!!!! I shall draw some someday.

Today I drawed Suoe. He didn’t turn out quite as good as I wished, but he still looks decent. Next I must draw him with Cetoux.

I forgot to mention that while I was sick and not checking the mail, I got stuff in the mail. Then when I checked the mail I discovered I’d won $1,500,000.00, $1,900,000.00, and $1,788,000.00 if I send them $25.99, $23.99, and $19.99 for processing, procedures completion, and reporting. Respectively. I love winning so much free money all the time; it’s freaking awesome.

Now I am quite late going to bed. Good daynight.