K, to celebrate the largest amount of money I’ve won yet ($2,100,000.00), here are some highlights from this particular letter: “All Prize data Matters are in completion for You Jennifer, and all we need from You…” What, am I suddenly god? “This is a Real and Actual Matter.” As opposed to something I’m just hallucinating. “We have Typed page 2 for You & Attached…..” That one actually has the ellipsis. It seems almost Engrishy, doesn’t it? And for a larger amount of free money like this, one must expect to pay a larger Office Attendant reporting fee — $31.99 My life is still teh win.

I am cleaning up my apartment at last. I shall not get it all done at this moment, because I will get bored, and because normally I clean it up on Sundays after GEF so I really don’t have to be doing it right now.

I am writing a Dominic Deegan fic.

The other day somebody called in and said, “I’m having trouble with calls. I can’t catch none or send none out.” I thought this was cute.