So I went to bed all late on Saturday and then slept for almost fourteen hours. It was delightful, but it really threw off my day yesterday. I got up, drew GEF, washed dishes, cleaned up my apartment, and went to bed. I didn’t have time even to put away the clean dishes or really eat much of anything. Nor to do laundry. Not even to write anything. Today I have written some and put away the clean dishes and I shall eat chiccen. But I mentioned that already.

You know that bird-in-the-hand state where you want to ask somebody out but you’re afraid that if they don’t like you like that, it’ll damage your friendship? That’s my current status wis Gregoreee. I think he likes me like that, but I’m not entirely sure, and at the moment I’d rather keep him as a friend than risk losing him entirely. We’ll see how that changes.

Today I talked to a customer who didn’t speak English very well, and could not get across to her the concept of the backup security question on her account. This was “Who gave you your first kiss?” and she kept answering either “Radio Shack” or “Virgin Mobile.” Must have been one hell of a first kiss.

My moral issues wis You Won’t Regret It are becoming more and more pronounced. That is the chapter that’s supposed to go up next, but it is threatening instead to destroy. WE SHALL SEE. My Dominic Deegan fic is progressing nicely. Also I’ve written random Crimson Coronation scenes and figured out what-all’s going to happen, exactly, in the next two chapters. Good jobon me. Getting back into life.

I am still not entirely healthy. What bugs me most is how weak my voice is. This is teh crap when one works at a call center. Ah, well, one of these days.

Now I shall go see how well the chiccen has thawed ^__^