Yesterday Fiddychan and I raided the mall and bought the world. I got Tomb Raider Legend for my GameCube, which I didn’t know existed!! For the GameCube, I mean. Now I am attempting to persuade myself that productivity would be a better way to spend the rest of my day than Lara’s boobs, but somehow I think I see where the afternoon will go.

I went to my mom’s dress rehearsal today, since I won’t be teh awake for the program itself. I was going to wax eloquent (or at least verbose) about art, but now I’m feeling too lazy.

At the mall I bought the weirdest yaoi manga I’ve ever read. It had randomness and unexpected crazy moments. Some of the best lines: “Sex is something to be done every day!” “The urge to give him head suddenly came over me.” And my absolute favorite, “What I’m afraid of is my dick getting torn off in Naoto-san’s toned, meaty buttocks!!!” There were some other lines that were freaking hilarious, but I don’t feel like going through the whole thing in detail to find them.

The other day I got a new headset for my phone (since Tokio had gradually wreaked havoc on my previous), and in the box wis the headset was this bizarre little drawstring bag made of canvassy stuff. On the bag it says:

I just want to know if anyone else is as amused by this as I am. It’s the punctuation that really gets to me. Plus the bag is, like, a foot square… way bigger than any phone or accessory. So much random.

Oh, also, I got my rug. There’s a long spot on my carpet that’s been wearing out, so I wanted a rug to put on it. But it had to be an awesome rug. So I got an awesome rug. See:

Tokio approved it almost immediately:

Now I suppose it is time for me to play Tomb Raider for several hours be productive.