Ah, neglecting my lj again. I hereby make entry before bed.

Recently I had a dream. In my dream, I was in the car wis my family and we were driving to Mugenjou to visit MakubeX because he and my dad had been good friends back in the day. And Shido was riding wis us because he needed a ride there. Apparently Emishi was pissed off at both Shido and my dad, because he was attacking our car as we drove. This had little to no effect, but we kept yelling at him to stop — which also had little to no effect. When we arrived, I said that I would deal wis Emishi and they could all go ahead. And my method for dealing wis him?? Pretending to be a giggly, blushing schoolgirl and telling him his new outfit made him look hot -__- I have super powers in 90% of my dreams that are set in this real world. I enter GetBackersland where everybody has a freaking super power, and suddenly all I can do is flirt really well -__- Anyway, at least I got to make out wis Emishi. I woke up baffled, though, because, while I like Emishi, he’s pretty damn far down my list of GB guys I want to make out wis……….. Then at another time I had a dream where I had ten pieces of bacon ^____________^

I misjudged the temperature this morning and almost froze my face off on the way to work. Tomorrow I shall be teh wiser. OMG, I can’t believe the week’s half over already! I love my life ^__^

Today Gregoreee declared that Gojyo and Hakkai really seem like a couple wis Hakkai all housewifey. That boy’s getting so good at the slashings. I shall start calling him My Apprentice soon. Of course, we also discussed the probable lethal politeness of potential children of Hakkai/Yaone. Whatever.

MY CD HAS NOT YET ARRIVED. I am so annoyed. Its estimated delivery date was April 5-9. GUESS WHAT DAY IT IS. Mou. I ordered a DVD at about the same time, which shipped the next day and had the same estimated delivery date. That also has not arrived. This all makes me excessively perturbed.

Somebody has a pet named Golpi. Why is that awesome.