I’ve been neglecting my dreams badly for a long time. I’ve lost some good ones. Well, I shall detail a few from last night whilst my cat picks at my lunch and drags bits of chicken out of it onto the floor.

So I was living in the bedhole room again, and I had Tokio and another cat. Then two mystic spiders appeared; they were super cool-looking and creepsome. I didn’t get rid of them because I wanted to take peectures of them. This was a mistake, because soon they mutated and grew to giant size and absorbed my cats. Then they started fighting each other, and if we tried to interfere they would snap at us wis poison fangs!!! I was crying and crying for my cats, and told my dad what had happened. He and M and I were going to try to un-merge the cats from the spider-monsters, but we were afraid that it would just end up killing the cats. So I went up to tell my mom what had happened.

This led into the next dream, which was preparation for Christmas celebration. We had a few guests, and we were all putting food all around. I had bread on my arm. Like, I’d stuck my arm through the middle of all the pieces in the loaf so they were like bracelets. This was my way of carrying it. There was so much delicious food. And somebody (maybe my dad, maybe his dad; I’m not sure) was going to be telling us the conclusion of some Christmas story he’d started previously, and we were all excited to hear the ending. Even P was excited. The fact that we were looking forward to hearing this story makes me fairly sure it was not my grandpa XD XD

In the next dream, there was some internet friend visiting me, and we were walking about seeing stuff. We found this really awesome place where the hedge was around the sidewalk like a tunnel; it was super cool. There was somebody else wis us, and she started trimming the hedge nicely wis her machete… this did not please the people in the building, one of whom poked her head out and started bitching at my internet friend. The internet friend’s somehow-clever retort was pointing out that this building woman was drinking Coke. Yeah.

Then I was wandering around with somebody who was half M and half Zelda. We were in a town that was kinda like Castle Rock and kinda like the abandoned village in Twilight Princess. Somewhat giddy, we were running around everywhere just exploring, and we came into this part of town where we were pretty sure we weren’t supposed to be. We ran into this room and could see through a window this grumpy-looking guy sneeping; quickly we thought to go down the trap door in this room, but I was too stupid to do so (I was trying to by standing on my head), and the guy woke up and saw me. M-Zelda was down in the basement calling for me to come quick, but the guy came into the room all grumpy-like. And I was like, “Oh, no, my friend has fallen through this trap-door completely by accident! Help help!” It was clear the guy didn’t believe me, but had to go get something to help M-Zelda out anyway if he wanted to get both of us in trouble. We though a hasty retreat was in order, but the only thing around that we could use as a rope to get her out was a garden hose.

Next I was on a road trip with some friends. I was so very in charge here… I was giving very minute instructions from the back seat, and the guy driving was following them to the letter XD We were on some country road surrounded by nice trees and passing little gravel drives and stuff; it was all prettiful. Then there was some cop ahead chasing a car that wouldn’t stop for him. I told driver guy to slow down and stay out of their way. They went off on some side-road, and we sped up. We came into this nice little neighborhood, and stopped to ask somebody something… when suddenly all these women pulled out so many guns!! We didn’t know why, though, as they weren’t threatening us. Still, I (being the spokesperson for the car, since I was in charge) asked where they’d gotten them. “We got them from hell,” one replied, “and they’ve made our lives hell.” I woke up amused.