The other day I dreamed that I was riding a scooter to the donut store to get some donuts. As is typical in my dreams, I had to propel this scooter…thing by clawing the ground wis my fingers. Anyway, as I was approaching the donut store, I was reminding myself that I had to go to another store after this and that I would not be able to carry extra donuts… so I must not get a dozen, just a few, and eat them right there. But as I was entering the building, I was realizing that this was impossible… there were too many kinds of donuts I wanted, and I was going to end up getting a dozen just by choosing one of each. I figured I’d figure something out.

This kinda led into my next dream, where Kermit the frog was my best friend. We were in the parking lot outside the donut store in the middle of the night, and Kermit was unhappy because he really really needed money. He decided to become a mercenary and work for the guy who ran the store across the parking lot. I figured this meant bodyguard work, but, no, this store-owner wanted Kermit to rob the donut store!! I was torn between supporting my friend and supporting my source of donuts. Finally I decided to give him the old “Friends don’t let friends rob donut stores” line — at gunpoint — and went to stand in the door of the donut store waiting for him. I wasn’t sure he wouldn’t shoot me, since he was pretty desperate for money, but it was still Kermit. I don’t know how it ended, though.

Final dream was where I was in high school, and so was Gregoreee. We were definitely going out. I was at seminary thinking about a) what my fellow seminary students thought of my boyfriend who drove me to school every day and b) the fact that the donut store was between the house where we had seminary and the school. I was planning to ask Gregoreee to stop there on the way when he came to pick me up. But then, inexplicably, he and I were sitting in our first class. This happened to be a Tolkien class, and he had to restrain me from destroying all the movie-lovers. Apparently this was a daily occurrence, for the teacher didn’t really take any notice. Then when class got out, we were for some reason riding the bus to school. Like the whole day was out of order or something. Anyway, there was some weird driving and driveways and stuff; whatever. Then we were in the half-hour stupid between the first class and the second class, and I suggested we go get donuts. He said that he didn’t like donuts because they get stale too fast. For some reason I was crushed and devastated by this, but I didn’t say anything; we just kept walking down the hall. Then there was a spot in the hall where giant boulders like in Tomb Raider kept falling down across the hall. We avoided this spot, and just beyond it there was a pile of smaller boulders of various sizes. And I noticed that the smaller ones were made of chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I happily started eating one. The End.