Today it was pouring rain on my way to work *__* I yuff April.

Also today I heard the new Best Name For The Hourglass Ever. The lady’s like, “The phone turned off. OK, now there’s that…” The moment they say that, I catch my breath, perk up my ears, and grab a pen and paper, just waiting to see (and write down) what they call the hourglass. “…that thing that looks like two hamburgers,” she finished. I almost lost it.

I almost forgot. This girl Raychel that I work wis has a habit of being unbelievably caustic about the security passcode on people’s accounts. It is hilarious to listen to her. The other day I heard her say to a customer, “Perhaps we have a bad connection, because I said it’s a 6-10-digit number, and I only heard four.” Da ha ha.

Also, wis the April release, there was a list of FAQ from employees about the new stuff and answers from up top. The best question and answer was as follows:

“Q. Will employees whom have a partner phone acct with a balance be able to purchase handsets and equipment just like consumer accts?

A. Employees will need to return their partner phone to the vendor and place their new handset on their account. Their account would remain vendor-employee until they leave the vendor, at which point it would be converted to a consumer account.”

Only I am likely to understand why this is funny (uh, besides the ‘whom,’ which is funny to anyone)… the long and short of it is that, though they may on the surface seem related, the answer doesn’t actually address the question.