At work yesterday, my supervisor came up to me and informed me that they are cutting back on overnight people and therefore I had my choice of working 6-14 or 7-15 from now on. I was teh victim because my work rule has been 1-9 (which could shift an hour either way), somewhat later than the rest of the overnight people. At this point I only know of one other person who is also being kicked out of graves.

This is highly irritating to me. Though it does provide me wis a more mainstream schedule and therefore the ability to socialize a little more normally, I really like the overnight shift. The day shift is much busier, so I won’t have nearly as much time for writing as I have. I don’t know yet exactly how much it’s going to bother me, but if it proves too desperately suck I shall look into trying to bid my way back into overnights. Or just get a different job. We’ll see.

It had one other potentially positive aspect, however. I mentioned before that I was hesitating to ask Gregoreee out because if he wasn’t interested, my having asked might render awkward the five or so hours we spend together every workday. With that number of hours reduced to one and a half, this inhibition was negated. I was going to mention it when he drove me home, but then we planned a trip to the movies for the evening wis a couple of his friends and I figured I’d wait until then.

At home I was exhausted because of having had brief and crappy sleep the previous night. Therefore, logically, I decided to go get the haircut I’ve been putting off for, like, three weeks. My new boots are almost broken in, but I still managed to get two horrendous blisters on my left foot during the walk. It’s, like, three miles each way. So I got my hairs less miserably shaggy, and then I randomly decided to dye them red. So I buyed some red dye (along wis bandages for my blisters) and came home.

Incidentally, gmail has a link to some article reading, “How Security Companies Sucker Us With Lemons.” Do they?

At home, cat accidentally scratched really deep into my right ring finger. She doesn’t scratch deep on purpose; in this incident it was because she was attacking something on my pants just as I swung my hand down. It bled all over the freaking place, and now it hurts to type.

I dyed my hairs. When I got out of the shower, I wasn’t entirely surprised to find my forehead a little red; I’d just use red dye and then scrubbed the hell out of my face wis Oxywhatever, after all. But then I found some red spots on my arms too, and another big one on my back just at the base of my neck. I was like O_o Did I have some kind of really weird bad reaction to the dye? And why do they hurt so much when I towel them?? OMG, this is so weird!! I ditzed about like this for about ten minutes trying to figure it out until finally I realized they were sunburns and felt stupid. Then I took peectures of myself.

I love my natural hair-color, but every once in a while it’s fun to do something different. Now it’s a pleasant subtle brownish-red, and I am quite pleased wis it. I also kinda got rid of my bangs, and it’s so much nicer that way. I don’t remember if I’ve taken any peectures of this haircut, though (despite having had it for a long time now), so it’s unlikely anyone but maybe fiddychan will note that difference.

See the sunburn? It’s funny-looking, isn’t it? It’s kindof awesome, though, as most sunburns are, because the sunburned skin is, like, ten degrees warmer than the rest of my skin. I could sit here moving my hand back and forth onto and off of it all day. So much awesome.

Also see the mystic tank top of love? It’s not even black or white, yet it is so wondrous. This was the first time I’d worn it, and I was exceptionally pleased to do so. The sad thing is that I thought about wearing a tank top on my long walk, but told myself, No, it’s still too chilly for that. It was not chilly at all, and I could have gotten a more tank-friendly burn instead of a weird trapezoid.

Also note the tattoo. Simply because it kicks ass.

I took way more peectures than these three, since I always go camera-happy on myself. And then I conceitedly save them all. “200704 Pink tank looking down 1,” “200704 Pink tank looking down 2,” “200704 Pink tank looking down 3.” It’s kinda sad. Anyway, here is the obligatory I-have-awesome-eyes shot.

Of course while I was at it, as always, I took some peectures of Tokio. I can’t help it; she’s just so damn photogenic.

The printer is her throne. Danny’s printer. I mean, my printer.

Then she was in the kitchen. Did I mention my freaking finger hurts where she scratched me?? It was really deep! Seriously! It bled soOoOo much!

Then Gregoreee came to pick me up. We went to buy manga first, and also checked out this massive warehouse of vera cheap DVD’s that I wish were closer to my home. One could consider this our first date; I like to, because I can’t imagine a better first date than buying manga. I finally got my hands on Saiyuki Reload 7, which I will read immediately I have finished this entry.

Then we went to the movie theater and watched Pathfinder, one of the dumbest movies I’ve ever seen. Wow, it was so bad. They… well, I’m not even going to start on that. Check out the reviews on RT. I have to mention, though, that they freaking called the natives “Indians” in the credits. Barely identified them by their proper tribe name once ever, and… I’m… not even going to start.

Anyway, then we stood around in the cold parking lot for an hour or so listening to his tedious friend talk about all the fights he’s been in and how well he can fuck people up. If the guy hadn’t been pretty and continually pretending to flirt wis Gregoreee, I would have complained much sooner than I did. Eventually we relocated to Village Inn, which was warmer and involved more bacon and where at times we managed to talk about something other than this insecure guy supposedly kicking the ass of everyone he’s ever known.

Eventually we parted ways. Gregoreee drove me home; once there, I confessed that I like him a lot and I thought we should become teh official. He agreed, and there was kissyface ^_____^ There might have been more, but I’d reached the 24-hour mark and was about ready to pass out. Which seems a somewhat insulting thing to do during teh kissyface. So he left and I went to shower/bed.

On the way in I checked the mail, and found the dj I recently bought stuffed into my tiny mailbox despite the large and very clear “DO NOT BEND” written brightly across the front of the envelope. But that gets its own entry; I just had to mention it as the capstone to an interesting day.

Somehow I could only sleep for about six hours. Tokio, who hates it when I sleep later than she’s used to just as much as she hates it when I go to bed later than she’s used to, kept jumping all over me and sticking her face in my face, and that didn’t help. Little brat; she’s sleeping on the printer now — why does she care when I’m up?? Well, whatever XD I think I have no more to say in this entry. Apparently I have to spend the next couple of days at my parents’ house whilst they are all out of town, so methinks I’ma do some of my Sunday stuff today. Ja.