M has returned to her home that is here, and this makes me excessively happy. We been doin’ stuffs and it is delightful upon me ^__^ Yesterday we went to Jun-chan (which is not as good as Tako) and then watched almost half of Cowboy Bebop. It irritated my mom, but whatever. We wanted to go see TMNT, which, sadly, she has not seen, but it’s gone from the regular theaters and hasn’t yet arrived at the cheap theater. In other words, it’s not playing anywhere in town mou. Well, at least there are so many movies coming out this month that we shall see ^__^

I have been sick lately. It’s pretty well the same thing I recovered from, like, a month and a half ago, though it hasn’t gotten quite as bad as it did then and it’s lasting longer now. I think I gave it to Gregoreee back then and then he gave it back. And I think I’ve become addicted to this worthless cold medicine. I get all dizzy when I don’t take it regularly. At least thereby I know it does have some effect upon me XD

I’ve been considering putting up some more original stories. I have three that I could start posting; I wasn’t planning on putting any of them up because I wanted to get them finished first… but I am so undisciplined, I hardly work on stories that aren’t on my website… if they were on the site, I would force myself to work on them in the update order and they might actually get finished one of these decades. On the other hand, posting more shit that gets largely if not completely ignored is not the most glittering idea. We shall see.

Work notes… somebody called the hourglass an “hour dish.” Another guy (ESL) said when it appeared, “I see the sign… what sign is this…” And I freaking wish I had a penny for every time I ask a customer, “What type of phone do you have?” and they reply, “Virgin Mobile.” Good thing you’re calling Virgin Mobile customer service, then, isn’t it, retard?

My cat is so soft and round. Today she was standing in the bathroom, and for some reason she shook her head vigorously. It caused her front paws to slide apart. It was deathly adorable. Right now she is sitting here on my table an inch from my hand watching me type wis her ears threatening to go back in annoyance. I dunno how she can be so cute.

OK, I’ma stop writing this entry now and be productive.