Ah, mas journal neglect on me. I am teh evil. And this entry is not likely to do much to fix it, since I will not mention anything interesting or particularly important.

I thought I would do my MRCAeX after work today, but my bitchy arm is actually hurting more than it did last week. It feels like a more temporary pain, though, so mayhap tomorrow I will be able to draw. I need to finish this story I’m working on today anyway.

OMG, I can’t believe I managed to eat that entire muffin without getting bits of it all over myself. I suppose that’s my allotment of tidy eating for the month. Either that or the muffin bits were intimidated by Spider-Man and dared not fall upon him.

I swear the clock in here’s fast. I can’t check the time on either of my phones, though, since I’m writing a post on this one and listening to a wailing magic knight on the other. Anyway, I’m done.