OK, this is the real entry I promised. Let me try to think of all the things I should have told about during all this time where I have not updated my lj. This will probably be pretty long, and there may be minor spoilers as I mention movies, and there is also teh zombage quiz, so I suppose I should cut it.

First off, I suppose, is… Akabane… Why is he so hot.

Spider-Man III was good but not spectacular, which is par for the course. I saw it opening night and again a couple days later. They should have left Venom out and given him his own movie instead of cluttering this one up wis his disappointing self. Sandman was brilliant, though. Mary-Jane was alternately obnoxious and freaking awesome, which is highly typical of Mary-Jane. As long as she’s not sexily doing laundry in a bucket…

Shrek the Third was excellent. I saw that one twice on opening day. It had the wave o’babies from that one issue of Teen Girl Squad. It wasn’t as good as the second, but equal to the first. The weakest link was Justin Timberlake’s Arthur, but even the drawbacks to that character were completely (and rather ironically) appropriate. I wish there had been more of the princesses’ ass-kicking scene.

Pirates of the Carribbean At World’s End was lovely and beautiful and delightful. I saw it on opening night and again the next day. Definitely better than the second one (which, for the record, I also adored), though it took me until the second time through to unravel who was betraying whom at what point for what. My one complaint was the lack of real closure to the Calypso story.

Finally got M to TMNT, which she sadly didn’t like as much as I’d hoped. Oh, well. All this big-screen-movie-watching lately is disturbing and needs to stop. Fortunately, I was braced for it.


Anything exciting that happened earlier than about a week ago, besides my opinions on movies, is lost to the haze of ADD, so now I’ll start wis Monday.

Monday Fiddychan and Mostle came over for a drawing party, which was teh win. Fiddychan needs to draw more. Fiddychan, shall we have teh mas drawing party this weekend?

Once while Fiddychan was there, Tokio went over and jumped up onto the stove and went to her water jar to drink some. Fiddychan was narrating this. When Tokio started drinking the waters, Fiddychan was like, “Licka-licka-licka-licka…” And Tokio looked up at her like >_< Stop that, stupid human. So Fiddychan stopped. Then Tokio went back to drinking, and Fiddychan started to narrate again — “Licka-licka-licka-licka…” And again, immediately, Tokio gave her this glare of death and pain, then went back to drinking. Fiddychan started again, and again Tokio looked up at her like I WILL DESTROY YOU. It was the funniest thing ever.

Anyway, during teh drawing party I started drawing my AAX item and had high hopes of finishing it the next day. But then the weirdest thing happened. About twenty minutes after Fiddychan and M left and wented away from my home, I was unexpectedly and abruptly struck wis the most amazing pain in my abdomen. Like some demented alien cramps or something… except I never have bad cramps and this was as painful as appendicitis. It was so bad that when I stood up I almost fell over again… I was all dizzy and nauseated and hot. Bizarre. Then it lasted for two days straight. I found I was OK if I lay down and didn’t move, but standing up or, worse (oddly enough), sitting was unendurable. So I called off work for two days in a row and did nothing but listen to Amelia and… yeah, that was all. Cat was not pleased. Nor was I, so much, to miss two days of work, but whatever. It subsided enough that yesterday I was able to go to work again. Sitting is still the worst. So weird.

About halfway through Wednesday, actually, I was able to sit again, so I kept working on my peecture, and my flist kindly assisted me in the choice of dress colors. Then after work yesterday I went to the zoo with some of my family and saw jellies ^__^ I yuff the jellies maybe twelve billion.

Today something must have been broken, because we had 150-some calls in queue every moment. It sucked, but I appear to have survived. I have a problem at work, and it is called the television. I sit very close to one now, and they often have it turned to TNT… this is vera bad… because it is TEH DRAMA and I CANNOT LOOK AWAY. It is so so so so freaking distracting. It’s a very good thing I don’t have a TV; I would never get anything done.

Gregoreee is annoying me like nothing else in the world. I was fond of him when we were friends, but since we’ve been going out I’ve liked him steadily less and less until now the very thought of him irritates me. I should have known better. Oh, wait, I did know better. Stupid.

OK, what else has happened in life? Dunno. Akabane is hot. Mayhap I shall now go take a nap until M calls to say FAERYTIME. Therefore no mas.