I can’t remember whether I recorded this one or not. An ESL customer said about the hourglass, “I see the sign… what sign is this…” Somebody else called it an “hour dish.”

One customer said to me, “I’m trying to think and I can’t right now.”

And here is, word for word (and punctuation mark for punctuation mark), our database’s explanation of how to placate customers that want us to give them their vkey (passcode) over the phone (which we’re not allowed to do; they have to go to the website and have it emailed to them):

If you have a customer who is upset by not being offered the vkey… please explain…” Virgin Mobile has is dedicated to protecting our customers rights and help protect against identity theft and uphold the privacy of each of our customers. Although we are want to provide the best level of service available, we do want to protect you as well” .

One of these days I think I’m actually going to say that to a customer and see how they react.

That seems to be all for today.