K, entry time. I have meant to make an entry for the last couple of days, but… well, I shall explain.

For a long while I’ve meant to try to watch some Avatar – The Last Airbender, resultant upon having seen some bits of some episodes and thinking it looked really really cool. So on Sunday I bought the boxed set for the first book/season, figuring I would check it out and that if it sucked I could just sell the thing. I started watching it after work on Monday, and HOLY CRAP. I didn’t stop until way past my bedtime; I made it more than halfway through. BEST SHOW EVER. I finished yesterday; I am madly in love.

I am also traumatized that the next boxed set doesn’t come out until September, so I will have to buy all the individual Earth DVD’s to see what happens next. Is Zuko’s sister as big a drama whore as he is? Will they kill off Iroh because his voice actor died? (Incidentally, I recognized his voice like boom right away) Is it possible for Aang to be any more cute and edible? Do I get my own flying bison?? AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!! And EVEN WORSE is that it will be twelve million years before I can ever see the third season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, I was glancing over the wikipedia page trying not to spoil myself but unable to resist, and I came upon this: On January 8, 2007, Paramount Pictures’ MTV Films and Nick Movies announced that they have signed M. Night Shyamalan to write, direct and produce a trilogy of live-action films based on the series, the first of which will encompass the main characters’ adventures of Book one. I WILL FUCKING DIE. Shyamalan is one of my gods, and this show is my new love, and the thought of them combined will DESTROY ME wis love and joy kwikli.

So yeah. Avatar. It’s Aang’s fault I haven’t posted in my lj this week. P.S. I am in love wis Katara.

What else was I going to say? Oh, yeah… I dreamed I was at work, but my work was more like a school. I heard they were offering VTO (voluntary time off), but only for girls who got off before eight. I fit into that category, so I headed downstairs (though there were no stairs and I had to jump down a shaft of some sort) to take advantage of teh VTO. But by the time I got up to the counter where I was to talk to the person to sign up for this VTO, I was Amelia and the person was my daughter who’d been kidnapped as a baby by Sethos and raised as a criminal. And instead of signing people up for VTO, she was selling antiquities… except they were mostly chains (e.g. necklaces wis no pendants) and a couple of watches. We had some kind of cryptic exchange that made sense and was clever in the dream but that was rather puzzling when I woke up. Which was right then, so I didn’t get to witness teh mas drama.

Maturity level at my work is mysticism. “Adherence is the most impo tant part of your job,” the dry erase board reads. “Make sure you c ock in and out for your breaks properly.” Speaking of work, it makes the day seem so freaking long when my breaks are balanced badly. Especially when we’re really busy, which we have been lately. Today was the first non-busy day in a long time. Also speaking of work, they’re changing my schedule again -__- Soon I shall be working 8-16. Mou.

OK, that’s all the squealing I need to do right now. Time for productivity. TEH VAMPIES.