It is Monday, and I like those ones. Monday work days always go by quickly. Of course, I’m usually quite tired on Mondays too, considering I can never get to bed anything like on time on Sunday nights… last night was particularly bad, since I was playing Mario Party wis my mom and M until, like, 2200. Silleh.

Speaking of M, I have discovered that she is leaving in NINE DAYS. This is so excessively sad on me. SAD AND SAD. We have not even finished GetBackers yet. Mou.

I am working on teh vampies. I did mention that it (finally) has a title now, right? The first half of the first chapter is finished, but the second half keeps morphing about like woo and pretending to be a puzzle game instead of a second half of a chapter. Silleh.

banana banana banana banana terracotta banana terracotta terracotta pie

Yesterday I discovered that when I was a small baby I slept in a kitty litter box wis blankets in it. I think this is the win.

I have a tiny tiny little purse/pouch item on my belt. It is so cute I shall say SQUEE. What shall I keep within… Remember how people used to make homemade bellbottoms out of their normal pants by sewing triangles of cloth into slits at the bottom of the legs? I’m thinking about doing that to these pants. BUT I HAVE NO SEWING MACHINE. Not that I want one.

A customer said he’d called “shortly ago.” Another customer, when asked if she was activating the phone for herself or someone else, replied, “for my good self.” Somebody else, when I asked him the backup question “What is your favorite team?” answered without hesitation, “Lipton.”

OK, I’m done wis this entry now.