Story, drawy, freezy

What the hell am I writing? This thing’s practically a PWP! O_o

Yesterday I chose which character I’ma draw for this month’s MRCAeX and started to look for a pose reference… but then I found a pose that worked so well for a character of my own, and started drawing her instead. She looks twelve million hot, and I am working on the background now.

So the part of the room where my current team sits is so so so so so so so cold. I walk to work at 530 without needing to wear a sweatshirt, but I bring it anyway because I need to wear it zipped up through my entire shift. By the time I’m off, I’m so chilled that I have to keep wearing the sweatshirt all the way home in the full sunlight. Also I take socks to work because my feet are like ice in sandals there. It is scary and awful. Everyone hates it, but nobody does anything about it. I will be on a different team starting next week (because, you know, it’s bad to have the same supervisor for more than a month -__-), and I asked my new sup. if her section is as cold. Apparently… it’s colder. Looks like it’s back to the trench-coat for the rest of the summer until they turn the heaters on again.

OK, enough of this entry. I’ve got… sexual activities… to vaguely detail.

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