M and I were determined that while she was in town we would get our mom to watch at least one Studio Ghibli movie. The one we really wanted her to see was Omohide Poroporo, but that boxed set I used to have is no longer available and I didn’t manage to get a copy in time. So we went with Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi and it was (somewhat predictably) not exactly a success. She didn’t hate it, but she was so weirded out that we fear we may not be able to convince her to watch Omohide when I do get hold of it. Well, at least she’s seen some anime now.

M is leaving next Wednesday T__T

Ooh, Castle of the Winds. Why is this game so damn addictive. Inamixter of meener minor moons.

Lately I’ve gotten into the habit of having several things open at once. Like right now I have a couple of stories, a GEF page, this entry, and the aforementioned game going at the same time. Less-than-fully-productive multi-tasking is the essence of ADD, but normally I’m not quite this bad. But whatever.

Ah, now I bleed. Cat getted me. Why are her little paws so cute. Now she is being a jellybean here. It makes me vera sad to think about leaving her for a whole week to go on vacation next month. What will I doooooooooo.