Time for an entry.

Today I finished drawing a fat, shiny spider. I started it yesterday whilst M and I were first listening to The Serpent on the Crown and then watching GetBackers. (We didn’t get through the Venus de Milo bit because I was too tired.) Fat, shiny spider is green and blue and win.

So who else is reading Wild Adapter? ♥ ♥ ♥ I nearly had a heart attack when I saw the cover at the store. It is my new love.

As of tomorrow, I work 8-16. Mou.

M is leaving in THREE DAYS T_________T

Now I need to be productive. What shall I work on. Vampies? Chibi-Yae? PWP? I dunno. We shall see what feels like being worked on when I get to that. Of course, I might just get sucked into Castle of the Winds again. Fortunately, I’m not far from the end of that, so soon that will be one fewer distraction about.

K, that’s all for now.