Ah, I think I shall enjoy a refreshing blube.

I have to exert TEH WILL not to leave work too early. We are so slow lately. I need moneys that I make at work, and when we are slow I can get plenty of writing done… but it is so painful on me to ignore the VTO notices when they pop up on my screen. Today I could have left work almost immediately I got there. Seriously, it was about twenty minutes after 8 that they offered VTO for anyone off by 16. Which, at that point, would have been everyone, since we open at 8 now.

Have you ever had a moment where, like, your hair was really soft or something, so you told somebody, “Feel my hair!” so they would experience the softness? And it’s only a tiny bit weird and nobody really cares? Well, my breasts feel really good today. But I cannot say to anyone, “Feel my breasts!” so they can experience the softness. It might be more than a tiny bit weird.

I was up hugely late last night, but that’s OK. Today I got so much written whilst forcing myself not to leave just yet. Mostly Blood Contingency, but also a lot of this Just Like Home story, which I’m not sure how to end or what to call.

I am house-sitting for my family. They went to Utah to take Mostle back to school T__T so I am using my mom’s car and keeping an eye on stuff around here. That means I am here most of the time and not at home; therefore I have not typed out all this stuff I have written yet. I will probably email it to myself. It also means I’m not on messenger items… but I am on gmail if I’m around, so get on gmail, y’all.

Hmm, as usual, I had more to say, but I have forgotten it. So bye for now.