So I’m rewatching Nazca at last. This was one of the first anime I ever watched, so it’s exciting to be seeing it again after many years. It’s about a bunch of Japanese people who have memories of wearing spandex in a past life. It is a lot sillier than I remembered, and Jigumi is the most amazing spazz I’ve ever seen. Every single line he says make me laugh out loud. And his hair… *DIES* Orehon’s pants are amazing too. So is Bilka’s tiny ass. But Garos’ outfit is the most hilarious of all. I think his shoulders will kill me after not too long.

I have Hayashibara Megumi = Faye Valentine so deeply chiseled into my brain that I get massively disconcerted whenever I hear her playing an adult in something else. As a younger character it doesn’t mess me up so badly. On the other hand, I get massively disconcerted if I watch an anime that doesn’t feature Koyasu Takehito… so this one is just fine. (That was sarcasm, not fangirling) Tate/Yawaru is so damn hot, though. And hearing Ueda Yuuji chanting mystic chants is freaking awesome. He makes a good conflicted bad guy. Just like he makes a good anything. ♥♥♥

Oh, Jigumi’s hairs… And he is so clearly in love wis Yawaru. And… Kyouji/Bilka is too. Actually I think everyone is. And Elela is the hottest of all. YEAH. JIGUMI’S HAIR. OMFG. The animation changed a bit at the halfway point, and now the hair is even funnier. And Garos’ sleeves… *dies again* His skirt is also hilarious, but mostly his freaking sleeves. Aquira’s fifty-pound headdress is pretty funny too. BUT… BUT… BUT… WHAT IF SOMEBODY HAD GAROS’ OUTFIT AND JIGUMI’S HAIR???????? * D I E S * I think of the best ideas.

This show is actually kinda boring, I find, because it’s so incredibly slow-moving. The best part is the hair and the sleeves and the skirt. Though I do kinda wish for psychotic Yawaru/Jigumi item. Anyway, I should be making fun of it in more detail, but I’m wearing wrist braces that make me type all slow. So I think I shall end this entry now.