Gold Eyes False pages 96-100

K, first, I need to mention that I drew pages 95-100 on my mom’s computer while I was house-sitting. That’s why the blurriness is worse; I never could quite get the settings right.

Sano’s nipple is adorable. Saitou biting the wraps off him is sexy as hell. Sano’s droopy eye is not pointful, but the page looked better with it there than otherwise.

Sex is easier to draw than to write. Yeah, I purposely did not draw any penises; they are too funny-looking. Sano’s supposed to be clenching his one hand with his other hand there in panel 6. Saitou should always say “ahou” at least once during sex.

Orgasm!! You know, I do like the contrast in their skin-colors, but I don’t think I’ll make it quite so drastic ever again; it’s not very logical.

Wow, this page is so blurry. Whatever. You know, I probably would have dragged this conversation out to two pages if I hadn’t wanted so much to have the whole thing end at an even hundred.

Eh heh, that “welcome inside mine” line was a sort of punchline that I planned from the beginning. Good jobon me.

Oh, is this the end? I guess it must be because it says so. The End. Thanks for reading!

In full spite of the ugly art and often confusing layout, I’ve rated this comic . What do you think of it?

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  1. As the person that this was dedicated to all those years ago, let me be the first to say: PAR-TAY!!!!!!. . . congratulations!! you’ve come a long way, baby! I do look forward to Heretic’s Reward even though I know that the poll was rigged> :P Can’t wait!!


  2. *does a happy dance*

    “Well, that was fun.”

    “I’m going to blame your limited vocabulary for that description.”

    DAHAHAHAHAHA! Those lines stuck out for me.

    They fit together verra nicely, if I do say so myself.

    Wow, I can’t believe you’re feeeeeeeenished. TEH PARTAY! w00t!

    …and I’m looking forward to Heretic’s Reward — and making wis the chatty chat when you come back from foreign parts ♥

  3. Wootness!! Great ending =) After I read it, I actually went back and read the entire 100 pages over again. Lookin’ forward to Heretic’s Reward ;D Have a great vacation!

  4. *waves sheepishly* Sort of popping briefly back into SaiSa fandom. And discovering there’s so much of your work I hadn’t found before! It’s like coming upon a treasure trove by chance.

    I truly had to comment here because this comic was so utterly gorgeous and had me in stitches pretty much throughout all one hundred pages. XD The repetition of “I am Saitou and I [insert wacky predicate]”, the singed antenna, Chou – I just couldn’t stop cackling over every page. And your comments – LOL! This wouldn’t have been the same without them. For the record, I would totally read any comic you drew about objects and not people.

    Really amazing work.

    1. ^__^ Thanks very much! I’m glad you liked it! I remember that I had plans on redrawing at least parts of this for the longest time, but eventually I totally gave up on that XD Ah, I miss Saitou/Sano…

      1. Oh, dear, I hope that doesn’t mean you’ve given up on Saitou/Sano altogether! You’ve always been the shining beacon of SaiSa for me. No matter how long I’ve been away from this corner of fandom, I’ve always known all I had to do was look up “Kuroiyousei” on the ‘net and I’d find SaiSa. :) It’s absolutely extraordinary what you’ve done for this pairing, and it never fails to impress me how dedicated you’ve been to them.

        1. No, I haven’t given up on them… but I’ve been so much into Gundam Wing lately that all things Rurouni Kenshin have been back-burner’d. I just miss when Saitou/Sano was still an active thing that existed, is all.

          1. Yeah, I get that. It’s why I’m always so impressed you’ve kept alive this corner of an otherwise fairly dead fandom. Although…did you hear about the new two-part OVA and live action coming out next year? I gotta admit, I got so excited when I heard because it means a possible revival of the entire fandom – and it’s been fifteen years.

            Gundam Wing? I never really watched that, but isn’t that an aging fandom as well? :P

            1. Yeah, I’ll definitely watch the new animation and the movie, and I hope they’re good (not that they could possibly be worse than Seisou Hen; it’s all uphill from there)… but I’m extremely disappointed that the animation is going to be about Shishio. That dead horse doesn’t really need more beating. I agree, though, that a fandom revival would be wonderful.

              GW’s about the same age as RK, but it isn’t about how old something is; rather, it’s how many people are still writing and reading fanfiction of what you want to think about. I’ll admit with only a small amount of shame that I’m a bit of a review-tweaker, and the fact that my GW fics actually get some attention does make some difference XD And then, people are still writing quality fics about the pairings I like there, so I don’t feel like I’m shouting futilely into a big empty cavern and getting back only the echo of my own voice. I guess in the end it all comes down to selfishness XD

              1. Lol, that’s the one good thing about Seisouhen. Yeah, the Kyoto arc was already done pretty much to perfection the first time around; it’d make a lot more sense to move on to the canon material that came afterward. But it has been fifteen years, so maybe this is just testing the waters to see if there’s still enough interest in the best of RuroKen to move on to the fresher stuff.

                I have every finger and toe crossed for a revival then. You certainly deserve much more reviewers (and not just flaky ones like me who poke their nose in once every couple years). Well, either way, I’m glad you’re enjoying the GW fandom. :) Even if I’m selfishly plotting to steal you back.

                Oh God, I really need to get to bed. Aku Soku Zan(za) was way too addicting. :P

                1. You’re right; it would be really nice if the response to the new material sent the message, “WE’RE READY FOR JINCHUU ALREADY.” We’ll see, I suppose XD

                  I can’t really blame people for ceasing to read my RK stories when all of them have had such long spaces between chapters. These days I’ve totally changed my approach: before I start posting a story, I make sure it’s either finished or to a point far enough along that I’ll be able to keep to a regular posting schedule without catching up to where I am in writing it. Any future chaptered RK stories will follow this rule, though how many of them there are likely to be I’m not sure XD

                  I’m so glad you liked ASZz ^__^

                  1. For the record, I think you already update pretty consistently. I still can’t believe you completed “Gold Eyes False,” and all you complained about the entire time was the brown-ness of Saitou’s office, lol. Still, considering the number of stories you seem to have going on, your new approach is probably not a bad idea.

  5. Unwrapping bandages with teeth is damn erotic. Oh yeah, taking the gloves off was nice too. Good job with the entirety of the intimate scene; Page 98 is beautiful. (:

    I also really, really like the way they’re laying entangled in the first panel of page 99. And, of course, the last page… It just had to end with crack.

    It was an awesome read, thank you for the hard work. ♥

    1. I’m very glad you liked the sex scene. It’s the only thing of that sort I have ever drawn XD Also, I just have to mention that I was extremely grouchy yesterday and started out today much the same, but then I kept getting all your comment lj emails on my phone at work, and it totally cheered me up. I mean, I adore getting comments any time, but they were particularly welcome today. Thank you very much for all of them; I really appreciated it!!

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