K, first, I need to mention that I drew pages 95-100 on my mom’s computer while I was house-sitting. That’s why the blurriness is worse; I never could quite get the settings right.

Sano’s nipple is adorable. Saitou biting the wraps off him is sexy as hell. Sano’s droopy eye is not pointful, but the page looked better with it there than otherwise.

Sex is easier to draw than to write. Yeah, I purposely did not draw any penises; they are too funny-looking. Sano’s supposed to be clenching his one hand with his other hand there in panel 6. Saitou should always say “ahou” at least once during sex.

Orgasm!! You know, I do like the contrast in their skin-colors, but I don’t think I’ll make it quite so drastic ever again; it’s not very logical.

Wow, this page is so blurry. Whatever. You know, I probably would have dragged this conversation out to two pages if I hadn’t wanted so much to have the whole thing end at an even hundred.

Eh heh, that “welcome inside mine” line was a sort of punchline that I planned from the beginning. Good jobon me.

Oh, is this the end? I guess it must be because it says so. The End. Thanks for reading!

In full spite of the ugly art and often confusing layout, I’ve rated this comic . What do you think of it?