So I got dressed and went to work as usual, and nothing seemed amiss. But after about an hour and a half of sitting at work doing work, my ass started to feel strange. It felt like something sticky had gotten between my buttocks and dried/hardened so that the little hairs were stuck in it and were being uncomfortably pulled whenever I shifted. So on my break I went to the bathroom to check what the hell it was. And it was… a cough drop. A cough drop had somehow gotten inside my thong, gotten a little melty in there between my cheeks, and stuck to all my ass hairs. It took me, like, ten minutes to remove it wisout ripping the latter rather painfully out. A COUGH DROP was in my ass. Well, not in, but whatever. Or, more accurately, what the fuck?? I know where it came from — I have a bag of cough drops in my backpack, and said backpack also contained, the other day, the pair of underwear I wore today (because I spent the night at Fiddy’s and wanted clean underwear for the next day, but then the next day just decided to go wisout). But how the hell did a cough drop get into the underwear, stick around somewhere where I wouldn’t notice it for almost three hours, and then get wedged between my buttocks under the underwear cloth? It is a source of continual bemusement to me, and also somewhat entertaining in a bizarre way — which is why I felt the need to document it in my journal for future contemplation.