Apparently I am pleased wis myself today, because randomly I decided it was important to count down my top 10 favorite peectures I’ve ever drawn:

#10 – Kaz

It’s the eyelashes that make me love this one so desperately. Subsequent attempts at drawing light-colored eyelashes have never been this successful.

#9 – Cetoux

Damn, his right hand looks good. And his tunic and shirt… *happy sigh*

#8 – As the Years Go Up in Smoke title

I especially love the smoke effect on Sano’s face/hair.

#7 – Ghenidr and Aria

Particularly Aria’s face and hair. ALSO HER FREAKING HAND, but it’s covered wis blood in this version so you can’t see how incredibly good it looks.

#6 – Marean and Moreay

The skin tones caused by being covered in dirt and slime are teh win. Also it’s like AAAWWWWWWWWW.

#5 – Red, White, and Blue – My True Patriotism

It’s fourth of July, right? I should reference this at least once. Older picture, wis visible pixels (*shudders*), but what can I say? They’re kissing.

#4 – Glitch and Mantis

Dude. Look at their freaking shirts. OMFG. Also Glitch’s hairs.

#3 – And the Moments Drift Like Snow title

Is it the colors that make me like this one so much better than the Years Go Up title? Or is it the fact that Moments Drift is a better story?

#2 – Veiled Invitation

The ass… the skin tone… it’s like a whole body full of win.

#1 – This Wish I Wish Tonight

And there you have it. They’re kissing again.

OK, enough ego trip for now. Back to the item I’m currently drawing.