Yesterday I walked to get my hairs cut. I wore sunscreen, but I think I sweated it right off… it’s about three miles each way, and it was freaking hot. So I got so much sunburn. But it was a lovely day. Once a ladybug landed on my thumb and stayed there for a long time ^___^

Today I have been preparing to go on vacation. Mostly cleaning… you know how it sucks to come home from vacation to a messy home? Yeah. Also I played wis Tokio for a long time because I have to abandon her for a week T__T

For the life of me I cannot find one of my AA batteries. I had four. I have charged the other three, and I should be fine wis just that many, but where the hell is the last one?? I’ve emptied every small electronic item in existence and come up wis eight AAA’s, but that’s not what I’m looking for.

I will probably make some lj entries from my phone whilst I am gone; we’ll see. Email me if you need me; it’ll forward to my phone as usual.

Wow, I am the hungriest person ever made. I wish to eat a feast of breakfast foods. And I don’t really have anything else to say in this entry; actually, I probably wouldn’t even have made it if I weren’t waiting for the kitchen floor to dry from teh moppings.