L teasing my grandma’s cat

Well, we got here OK… Yay Washington state! Do I have any online friends here, BTW? It’s twelve million hot here and I’m already sunburned. But I got through three hours of church today relatively unscathed, and soon there will be lasagna.

One of the little hamstergerbil items my cousins own

L wis both of those hamstergerbil items

Also I had never seen a harp in person before and now I have. And I have been thinking for the last few days that I would really like to try my hand at oil painting, and a picture I saw today made me want to do that more.

My aunt’s harp and my cousin Ryan

The weirdest-placed bathroom I have ever seen. It’s three feet from the dinner table.

Our rental car here is a Buick Lucerne. I did not know that there was a car called a Lucerne, and we made fun of it. The key-ring clicker item was battery-dead or something, so we could not get into the trunk that way… and, oddly, we could not find a control within the car to open it either. We had to switch the car out for another whose key-ring item worked. Eventually I looked online and discovered that the button is hidden in the glove box. Well, more tomorrow.

My grandma said that originally the bathroom door was supposed to open onto the hallway, not the dining room/kitchen, but that it got changed at some point while she wasn’t looking.