Yesterday we driv to Seattle and went to see the locks. They were as awesome as before.

We thought this seagull was vera picturesque

This boat was, like, a foot shy of being too big for the smaller lock. Funny thing… as it pulled up, we standing around could all hear the tour guide on the ship, and were all listening attentively although we were not part of the tour.

AND THEN we went on a BOAT TOUR and it was SO FREAKING AWESOME. I had never been on a boat bigger than, like, a canoe before, so it was uber exciting on me.

Also the captain was totally gay for the tour guide. He kept breaking in wis his own microphone, not to add to the tour comments but to praise the tour guide and talk about how great and handsome he was.

The tour we went on was, in fact, on an Argosy ship. But it didn’t go to the locks; it was a short, cheap tour. Anyway, how awesome are the locks?? Look how low the ship is now!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also look at that woman’s boobs, heh.

Fish ladders are so freaking cool. Too bad peectures of fish are not good ever.

But the best part! Was! That I saw! I SAW JELLIES. I SAW JELLIES IN SITU. YAAAAAAAAAAAA. It was the best thing EVER. We had the best day.

Today is the day when we are actually going to the zoo, so I will see the sharks and that will also be AWESOME. Then we will go to the lake for teh reunion.

We sat around in the garden next to the locks for a while. I like the expressions here XD

I thought this tree was so weird

I miss my cat, but apparently she is OK. P says she is lonely, though T__T I wish I could have brought her. And now no mas entry.