A composite of three shots of Lake Mason taken and edited together by my mom

The family reunion, I mean. Most of the fifty-some participants seem to be here, anyway. How excited I am to see members of an extended family with which I am barely familiar and whose lifestyles are generally so far removed from my own I will leave you to guess… But being on the lake is certainly fun. I will of course be taking as many pictures as possible starting tomorrow. I could really use somewhere to unload my camera cards, though, and a recharge on my batteries.

At one point some of my teenage boy cousins took this canoe out… they put it in the water backwards, one of them was sitting on the dragging handle item rather than the seat, and they were paddling as if they’d never been in a canoe before. They went straight out into the center of the lake into the middle of the chaos of jetski/motorboat wake. Another cousin and I sat on the porch and watched them, waiting for them to capsize. Miraculously and somewhat disappointingly, they didn’t.

Anyway, wish me luck getting through the rest of the week without too much annoyance. The worst part, besides being away from my cat and being asked the same stupid five questions over and over by people whose names I can’t even remember, is being away from my tablet when I am consistently having mas mad ideas for Heretic’s Reward. Oh, well. Enough of this for now.

Little cousins in kayaks was maybe the cutest thing ever. Their paddling was generally completely wisout effect, but the water currents moved them enough to make them think they were successful and enjoy it just as much.