Lester swimming

I believe it is. Today I canoed wis my father and then swimmed in the lake for some hours. When I have more space I must tell about the dog and how amusing it was. I played ring-around-the-rosies wis cousins and got large quantities of water up my nose upon all falling down. Eventually I got out. There are short periods of excitement here separated by long periods of boredom. Fortunately there are many ideas to be written down… but I shan’t be sad to go home at last.

At the moment there is a “variety show” going on outside that has involved, so far, a pleasing amount of silliness and a lot of shrieking children. I am listening through the window rather than participating because dinner did not much agree wis me so I am, uh, kinda stuck in the bathroom. Good thing there’s a window.

It is I, writing down Heretic’s Reward stuff

See how adorable is the cool step-cousin

My cool step-cousin has departed, but we have promised to harass each other online. And now I am out of space for this entry.