Yesterday L and I went canoeing a long way. It was awesome. We got out to one little corner of the lake where there are no houses and all these fallen trees, and got spooked. We feared we would run into one and tip, and the water there was kinda nasty, so we turned back.

I put my camera in a ziplock bag in order to take it canoeing. I needn’t have; it wouldn’t have gotten wet because we did not capsize, but better safe than sorry, ne?

Both houses from the canoe, through plastic as previously mentioned.

One of my cousins (by marriage, recently… guess that would make her a step-cousin) is an anime fan and knows about yaoi and related concepts. She seems fairly neutral about the idea and browsed (and bookmarked) my website. She does not have one for me to return the favor, however.

Speaking of my website, I am saddened by the lack of response to the question I asked in kuroiyousei before I left. Also, I have had mad ideas on Heretic’s Reward future stuff, and have written it all down. Teh awesome.

The first house (which is where we had our last family reunion) from the pier

The second house (newly-purchased) from the pier

Now it is apparently breakfast time. I suppose I should go get dressed and see what’s to eat.