In case you hadn’t noticed, my grandpa is quite tall…

Eventually we left the lakehouses and driv back to Kennewick. The second-to-last disc of The Mummy Case ended just as we pulled into the driveway, so we brought the last disc in and sat around listening to that before we went to bed. I was kept up for several hours by the hamstergerbil things in their plastic wheel. It sounded so weird… at first I thought L was running the ice-making item on the front of the fridge downstairs, but after about twenty minutes that theory became implausible. I eventually realized what it was. It also sounded kinda like somebody rummaging around in a bin of Legos, which was somewhat creepsome since there was a bin of Legos in the room and I was thinking about a little monster swimming around in it XD. Anyway, I was up forever and we flew back early Sunday morning, so I was exhausted… and still haven’t recovered. Overall it was a great vacation, and I got paid for it. Win.

The reason I still haven’t recovered is that yesterday evening I went to see Order of the Phoenix wis my family that is around, so I was up all late again. The movie was… well, here’s the thing: my initial impression of Goblet of Fire was just the opposite of what my eventual opinion about the movie turned out to be. The fact that it was cinematically superior to the first two and not as painful as the third blinded me to the fact that it still sucked. So I am hesitant to trust my first opinion of OotP. That opinion, however, is that it was very good… possibly my favorite of these crappy movies so far. The biggest problem — and, so far, the only major problem I have wis it — is that, as we all have known all along, the book is too long to squeeze into a single film. Every moment of the movie was saturated wis this feeling, so to me it was a major strike against the movie as a whole. However, if they could have made two movies instead of one, I think this director could have pulled it off. Nothing in it made me murderously angry, and even the moments that ruffled my feathers were largely forgivable. But we’ll see how that changes on subsequent viewings.

…while my grandma is quite short. It used to be (and perhaps still is) a time to look forward to in the family, when you were finally taller than grandma.

I had to take a picture of their bathroom sinks. It just struck me as so subtly Seussian.

Today I have been working on vacation lj entries for, like, five hours. Overjoyed that I am almost done. I need to go shopping, but it is a long walk to either grocery store… but I need stuff that won’t wait. Running out of hair glue is highly problematic. So it’s probably time to stop this entry and get on wis life. Whew.

Look at my parents sitting out there all alone on the pier. Why are they so cute???