OK. It took a day longer than I expected… mostly because I forgot that Lester had emptied one of my camera cards onto his phone card when I ran out of space, so I had to get those peectures from him yesterday… but I finally got all my vacation peectures organized. I have gone back and edited all vacation entries (starting here) to include relatively relevant pictures in relatively proper places. There were too many of the temple (which I didn’t even mention before) and the Space Needle (which I… also didn’t mention before) to throw into any previous post, though, so those get their own entry here.

Time for a more detailed narrative of the entire trip. My sisters were both unable to come, M because of school and P because she is too pregnant. I mean, because she has used up most of her days off doing medical pregnant stuff. So it was I, my brother L, and my mom and dad. My mom has a tendency to be somewhat unpleasant on vacations, but this time she was mostly not. Good jobon her.

We wondered why there were spikes on the roof of the temple

On Saturday we flied out of Denver to Pasco. Pasco is tiny and has a funny, tiny airport. We had our adventure wis the rental car (TEH LUCERNE) and driv to the Kennewick house my grandparents share wis my cousin David and my aunt and uncle and the two kids of the latter. The setup reminds me very of the Emersons in later books. So the next day there was church (which I attended to please my grandmother), and then we visited the Tri-Cities LDS temple. Most of my family, as I have undoubtedly mentioned before, is LDS, and my grandpa works at the temple there.

My brother and I wandered around taking an excess of peectures (rather too many, actually, as you can probably see) whilst my grandparents showed my parents around inside. There was a cool-looking fountain that we really wished were turned on; it was so freaking hot out. This was eastern Washington, of course. I prefer my cold desert here.

Moroni is my homie

My brother got mad inspirations next to the fountain, though, and when the parental types emerged he had them pose for peectures (which he took wis my camera, which is why they are included here). L getting all artistic is so cute. The peectures he took looked a tad silly, but whatever. Art is good.

So then we went back to the sharey house and hung out being rather bored for the rest of the day. I wrote HR script, and I think it was that day when we had the lasagna. Mmmmlasagna. My aunt Dianne has a harp, and that is awesome. Apparently she got it for massively cheap, too.

Und Lester also chills wis Moroni

The first of Lester’s madly-inspired peectures

So the next morning (Monday), Dianne and her husband Stephen (whom I was meeting for the first time and of whom I found it difficult to form any impression) and childs Kevannah and Ryan had returned, and there was much chaos. My cousin Ryan is already displaying signs of the psychotic OCD that forced my aunt to divorce his dad; Ryan being nine, this is somewhat disturbing.

I don’t know how many hours of public television I had to watch that day. I could not drag my cousins away from the TV. I thought I would die of boredom. There are some of those shows that I kinda like, like Between the Lions and a single episode at a time of Teletubbies, but those did not play at that time.

The second of Lester’s peectures

The third of Lester’s peectures

Eventually I convinced them to watch something on video, but was foiled again in my quest for entertainment by their choice of videos… it was rather nostalgic, though, since it was a series called There Goes A… (bulldozer, boat, race car, roller coaster, etc.) that my brother used to watch when he was really little and that is somewhat amusing and interesting. Better than what was on PBS, anyway.

And during all this I did manage to get Hiko’s HR outfit and house designed. And that night, when the TV was finally off, my cousins listened to a story I told. This was squee on me, since I love telling kids stories but kids rarely like to listen to stories. Ryan and Kevannah were quite enthusiastic about it, though, and that was delightful.

Tuesday we finally drove out to Seattle. We listened to The Mummy Case on the way and it was, of course, made of love. In Seattle we were purely tourists, since no family members live there anymore — though my dad reminisced amusingly about when he used to. We visited the Space Needle first. On the way there, none of us were terribly enthusiastic about it… my mom seemed downright annoyed to be going to see it at all. We figured we’d go up and come back down and then be able to say we’d done it.

But it proved to be much more interesting and fun than any of us (except my dad) had anticipated. The guide on the tour we took later said something to the effect of, “The architect believed that it was what all buildings would look like in the twenty-first century… well, here it is the twenty-first century and I don’t see many like it… guess there’s just not much call for sixty-foot buildings with only three working floors.”

I have cute hands

It was super cool to look down on the amusement park from teh Need. Also, I love Washington’s silly stand-alone mountains. Mt. Rainier is tied wis Pike’s Peak as my favorite mountain ever, and Mt.St. Helen exploded the year I was born (and my grandparents had to use a snow shovel on the ash on their driveway). And Puget Sound is cool-looking even if it has the funniest name ever.

In the bathroom on teh Need top floor there was this fire alarm wis the most bizarre sign underneath it. We figured they had run out of relevant signs but felt it necessary to put something there. You can see it in one of these pictures. Anyway, then we experienced the fury of their gift shop, wandered around the garden outside for a bit, and departed.

On the way back to the car from teh Need, L and I noticed a graffiti that said “BSA.” Of course the first thing we thought was “Boy Scouts of America,” and we concocted this big and long-running story about the hard-core scouts, the Dark Side of Boy Scouting, who tag the location of every good deed they do.

We giggled ourselves half to death imagining boy scouts escorting little old ladies across the street or helping runaway puppies find their way home and then whipping out the spray paint. This continued throughout the entire vacation. Like Strong Bad said, every road trip has to have at least one good inside joke.

Which way were we facing?

The weirdest sign

It took us half an eternity to find the locks. Why are the locks so cool; I never understand. We watched them go up and down for a while, looked at fish in the ladder, and wandered around that garden. From there we went to see mummies in a junk store, and were just thinking about finding some dinner when we heard the Argosy people announcing that they’d halved the price for the last hour-long boat tour of the day.

So we went on that. You have no idea how much I freaked out seeing those jellies in the water. I would have taken peectures of them, but in the peecture it would just have looked like the water was really nasty. WHEN IN REALITY IT WAS FREAKING AWESOME.

The weirdest tree

I wasn’t kidding about the gay captain, BTW. Even Lester noticed how… enthusiastic he seemed about the tour guide. It was awesome. The tour was awesome, too. All the stuff the tour guide had to say about Seattle and its history was super interesting.

After the tour we were all starving. L and I tried to convince our parents to take us to this restaurant the tour guide mentioned where you’re encouraged to feed the gulls, but my mom objected too strongly. There was a Red Robin right by the Argosy place, though, so we were going to eat there. It was, like, a million degrees inside, however, so we left and went to a different Red Robin in whatever adjoining smaller town-place we were going to anyway for the night.

The weirdest balls


It was actually the most disappointing meal I’ve ever had at a Red Robin: not very delicious at all. But whatever. Then we went to a hotel, where Lester somehow clogged the toilet and we had to wait, like, an hour before some hotel person arrived wis a plunger XD

Oh, I should mention that this whole time, my dad was constantly on the phone and on his laptop doing work stuff. Some kind of important proposal or something. It annoyed my mom. So the next morning we all had the usual hotel breakfast, and then sat around watching Tales from the Dark Side (presumably not the Dark Side of BSA) whilst my dad did mas works.

The weirdest pig