Now I am trying to remember what-all I/we did during the several days of the family reunion. Of course I went canoeing wis my brother and my dad and we all swimmed… Lester went on the rafty floaty item behind the fast boat and got rafty-floaty-item-burns on his elbows and the underside of his nose, but I never got a chance to experience this glory.

Great-uncle Richard plays the organ, and there are randomly two of them in the garagely downstairs of the first house

One of these boys is little Ian, and I think the girl is… Lexi? The other boy I dunno.

Whilst I was swimming, some of my little cousins were admiring my tattoo. They had obviously never seen a real tattoo before, and kept asking me when it was going to wash off. BTW, swimming in sandals is next to impossible. But walking on a painfully rocky lake floor barefoot is worse.

OH THE DOG!! Da ha, the dog. OK. So somebody brought a nice dog, which you can see in a couple of the peectures. For some reason this dog just did not want to swim. And it seemed like she was just reluctant, and would enjoy it just fine once she figured out that she could do it. So some of us spent quite some time trying to convince her to.

Heather! Hah! The others are… cousin Emily? I think? And aunt Franci?

Adam could only be photographed when he didn’t know you were doing it

The dog discovered she liked to ride on the rafty-floaty thing, so we kept taking her out some distance and tipping her off. Then she’d swim back to shore… then we’d call her, and she’d come get on the rafty thing again… and we’d do it again XD We dumped her, like, five times before she decided to go inside. We were all laughing so hard we could barely swim.

Every night they set up a giant “movie screen” wis sheets outside and projected a movie onto it. I never watched, though, because I was tired and because while it wasn’t freezing out, it was chilly enough after dark that sitting around for an hour and a half was no fun. But it was cool that they did it.

If Adam knew you were photographing him, he turned into a pill bug

Katherine and Kevannah

Some time into the reunion we all got matching shirts wis our names on the backs. My cousin Rhiannon, who lived wis my family for about six months at one time, had these shirts done wis her company or something… and managed to spell all fifty-some people’s names right. It was amazing. It was also hella useful, since I can’t for the life of me keep even my many aunts and uncle straight, let along my innumerable cousins.

We got a really nice group shot of all of us in a cluster wearing our matching shirts, but I don’t have a copy of that yet. I shall post it when I do; it’s got to be pretty awesome. Even the dog posed nicely.

Dellin? I think? And the dog’s name is Belladogga.

I think this is Lexi again.

Part of the purpose of this reunion was to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of my grandma and grandpa. Good jobon them. The last day, they segregated us according to male and female and lectured us. I was feeling ragingly unwell that morning so I missed that… and I’m not really complaining. What I heard of my grandpa’s speech from downstairs was all religious, and I was like -__- But definitely good jobon them to be married fifty years. God knows I couldn’t stay married to my grandma for fifty years. …and that sounded really weird.

There was also an “iron chef competition” one night, uh, which meant something about cooking cow-related food and then voting on whose was best this and that. They had no category for “Item that made Jen sickest,” though, so I just voted somewhat randomly. Most of our food allergies come from this side of the family, and they’re so tangled up it’s no surprise some of us ended up sick XD

Aubrey had just had some kind of horrible surgery done inside her mouth, so she spent most of the reunion on the couch

Little Ian didn’t want to go to bed, and wouldn’t listen to Jaycee

Some of my cousins are cool. I already mentioned Rhiannon… back when she stayed wis us, she was the most amazing dork who liked to tell big stories about things she supposedly did. Now she’s got a kid and has turned into a very reasonable and fun person. Her son is named after her late brother Ian who was killed in a car crash a few years back; little Ian could not be convinced I was female. Rhiannon’s younger sister Aubrey used to be similarly intolerable, but is now also fun and reasonable.

Also I mentioned (in an earlier post) the cool step-cousin (step-sister of Rhiannon and Aubrey) who likes anime and isn’t uptightly religious like a lot of the family. Her name is Jaycee, and I shall harass her. I also mentioned cousin David, of course. He’s fun. Laurie and Spencer are pretty cool too, and Laurie at least is an anime fan, but getting her to talk to you is like pulling teeth. Not that there’s anything wrong wis being withdrawn. And Phillip and I had a long period of bonding during which I geeked at him about RK and he geeked at me about FF7.

Aubrey and Rhiannon had spotted some shirtless neighbors

Phillip is crashed on the couch and I think that’s Heather in the background

It’s the little cousins I have a harder time keeping straight. I love them all, of course, because childs = squee, but boy was I glad when they put those name shirts on. I know Ryan and Kevannah, of course, since I spent a month at their parents’ house when Kevannah was born helping to babysit Ryan. Some of my other small cousins are somewhat distinctive, too… like Adam the hider and… oh, man, what was his name? William? Well, he always looked at you like you were an axe murderer, and it was funny.

Even if I could keep names and faces straight on the cousins, there is not a chance I could ever keep straight whose childs they all are. Hell, even if each of my aunts and uncles had only been married once, it wouldn’t be possible. With second sets of kids from one person or another (not to mention the fact that my dad’s got half a million siblings whose names all start wis D), there is not a chance.

My mom increases the Strong Badian education of Phillip, Laurie, Spencer, and Heather(?)

L and a number of cousins playing/watching Stratego; eventually little Ian crashed onto the board and destroyed the game

Oh, speaking of that… my dad’s birthday is on the same day of the year as his sister Debbie’s, and it happened to be right near reunion-time, so we sang to them as well as to a couple of cousins who also had nearby birthdays. When my grandpa was announcing the birthdays he said, “Now, there are two people in this family who have birthdays on the same day even though they were born a year apart. But everyone forgot that they were born a year apart, so they were raised as twins.” I found this terribly amusing.

A lot of card-playing and pool-playing and board-game-playing went on at all times. At one point there was a large game of Encore raging and it was hilarious. That game, of course, is the one where a word or category is presented and you have to think of a song that contains the word or fits the category. The teams go back and forth thinking of songs until one of them can’t.

I already mentioned that my dad was working lots of the time

Grandpa, dad, and mom

At one point the category was “weather,” and Lester sang, “We cannot see the wind / We only hear it sigh…” But then he forgot the words and finished, “And it does some other crap as it goes by.” And at one point my mom accidentally sang, “I’m leaving on a jet plane / Don’t know when I’ll be black again,” and Phillip declared that to be Michael Jackson’s song.

I was the only one who had any signal on my cell phone in most places around the lake. Anyone else had to walk out onto the pier to get one bar. I felt special. But there were a number of laptops floating around connected to the internet, so there was a lot of sharing of favorite YouTube links and random cartoon sites (HSR, Weebl, etc.) and other such. There was also much trading of MP3-players and music talk.

Lester sneeping on a floaty rafty item

Dad guarding a soda

I can’t remember anything else special that we did. It was fun, though, and not much annoying at all. I managed to avoid most of the stupid questions and fill up the boring moments wis HR scripting. I’ve got it scripted for, like, the next three years XD