So then we went to the zoo. It was the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium, which is like any other zoo and not nearly as good as Denver except that IT HAS SHARKS. OH SHARKS. Oh shark oh shark are you grey wis grey belly or… never mind. Anyway, it’s a very badly-laid-out zoo. It is very difficult to navigate, and some exhibits just cannot be found. It took me three tries to find the sharks.

He looks like he’s praying to the tiger XD

There was this tiger that was staring so fixedly at this little kid that the kid’s parents were unnerved and took the kid elsewhere. It was funny. It was this resigned look that said, If I weren’t trapped in an enclosure, you would be delicious, but as it is….. There were supposedly polar bears, but I couldn’t find them. There were otters that were not playing at all but just lying around on their backs sneeping because of it being so hot.

There was also a non-flying mud-bison of some sort wis which I had a long conversation. Normally I don’t take peectures of zoo animals or popular landmarks unless there is a family member in the shot as well (because what’t the point of taking a picture one can find a better version of on the internet?), so I’m not sure where these monks came from.

I took quite a lot of fish pictures that did not turn out. You know… too dark in the room to see your human subject wisout a flash, but a flash makes teh glare on the glass. I knew this would happen, but I took them anyway. Especially the shark ones, and Danny making a face at the fish that he decided was the Dopefish from Goodbye, Galaxy. It did kinda look like the Dopefish.

After the zoo we driv to Mason Lake, listening to mas Mummy Case on the way. It is made of love to go back and encounter early Sethos. Unrelatedly, all the McDonald’s in Washington seem to have hand-packed ice cream available in waffle cones. WHAT.

Random people wis me and my shark and our glowing eyes of doom

Some of the sharks were lying around and never moved; it was too hot even for them

The lake is pretty cool. According to some website, its size in acres is 996 and its maximum depth is 90 feet. Though I definitely didn’t canoe anywhere near any 90-foot-deep area because THAT IS SCARY ON ME. But it is a prettiful lake, and the water is warm in summer and nicely swimmable.

Our previous family reunion (have I mentioned that this is my dad’s side of the family?) was also held at this lake six or seven years back. The houses belong to my great-uncle Richard (it is so appropriate that his name is Rich), though he only had the one last time. There were also fewer people there last time and it wasn’t as fun. M and I spent most of it playing pool, actually.

My closet

The bar behind which is…

This time around, Richard just casually bought the property next door so we’d have more room for reuniting O_o These are vacation houses, BTW… he’s got, like, a jillion-dollar mansion in town, too. Apparently he got in on the ground floor of, and is now wealthier than the rest of the family put together. Lucky for us :D

They are awesome and adorable houses. The second one is particularly awesome because it has the coolest staircase ever made. You approach the bar in the living room NEVER REALIZING that behind it is A SECRET STAIRCASE that has bits of floor that can come down over it to hide it or go up against the wall to reveal it. Then you go down the stairs to the basement and realize HOW AWESOME THE STAIRS ARE. I had to take peectures of all this just because it’s so freaking cool. I nearly died looking at those stairs. So much cool.


See how freaking awesome it is??? It’s, like, the hanging staircase of LOVE

Of course even wis two houses, sleeping space was scarce. My mom and dad slept in the room wis the heater. I slept in a closet that was barely big enough for the cot, and it was freaking awesome. Not as awesome as the stairs, of course, but awesome.

There was a pool table right outside the closet, so every morning I would come out to find small cousins “playing pool.” I forgot to get a peecture of the awesome shower, but it was awesome. Except when I hit my foot really hard and thought I’d broken my toe. In actuality it didn’t even bruise, but it sure hurt like hell.

The carpet and the tile. Just… look at them.

So, like, you lean out from under the stair railing to use it

The second house also has a weird drinking fountain. Well, the drinking fountain itself isn’t weird, just oddly placed. I didn’t notice it for a couple of days, but when I did I had to keep coming back to look at it.

The first house has a very badly-placed dart-board. Every time I walked through the door right next to the dart-board I feared for my life. Also in the first house there were random pachinko machines next to the other pool table. Incidentally, though there are two pool tables, there are only three cues that have tips and actually work. Too many small cousins.

The stairs in the first house are not as awesome as the SECRET STAIRCASE in the second house, but they are still cool because they are in a little tower. The stairs between the garagely downstairs and the upstairs are nice, and then the stairs up to the upper level of the little tower are like a LADDER. SO COOL. Richard has a little office in the top of the little tower. Also once L climbed out the window of the little tower and sat on the roof for a while.

The garagely downstairs of the first house is set up somewhat like a barracks, and many boys slept there. The second house does not have a garagely downstairs, but there are some external garages. In one of these we put handprints on squares to be sewn into a giant quilted surprise for my grandma and grandpa.

Richard has been lucky enough to get a couple of really amazing shots of the lake, both of which are framed on the wall in the first house. I very much wanted to share these pictures wis everyone in the world, but when I asked him he said that he’d taken them wis a non-digital camera and therefore didn’t have copies to give me… and probably couldn’t even find negatives if he had to XD Hopefully someday he will scan them.

Anyway, I decided to try to take peectures of these peectures. One of them turned out only kinda crappy (as you can see); the other was not distinguishable as much of anything. I thought the first one worth sharing, at least, since it does give somewhat of an idea of how awesome the peecture is.